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  1. Micheal McDonald was FAR from the underdog. Future BW Champion.
  2. Can you do: Michael Mcdonald knocking out anderson silva! Joe rogan chocking out steven segal jose aldo knocking out brock lesnar
  3. ohh my god... your AMAZING THANK YOU
  4. I can't tell if my attempt to troll worked or not.
  5. Lets see if you can do this one.. Michael Mcdonald Bantam weight prospect knocking out dominick cruz. Please!!
  6. Ok first off a bat wouldn't work for two reasons. One I don't want to kill the guy and two I don't want to take the chance of getting it pulled away from me then eating the end of it. To whoever said wrestling. I have already considered it, but that definitely seems like a strong man martial art ._.
  7. ThatMadeMeLol

    Some advice

    Ok so I am 6'0" 145 pounds. I have no physical ability whatsoever and I was fine with that up until last year. Some native russian(6'2" 195lbs) finds it entertaining to see me get my face caved in. Every time I see this guy (EVERYTIME) he comes up to me and just puts his hands up and starlings swinging for NO reason. I naturally have to respond but I lose EVERY god damn time. Like at this point I get no adrenaline cuz it happens so much, I don't care if I get black eyes I just want to beat him just ONE time. I know there are a lot of ufc fans here and I just wanted to ask for what martial art would you guys suggest I can take up, thats the quickest to learn. You can't imagine being at the park with your girl friend when some guy just comes up to you and starts swinging. So embarrassing. I feel like martial arts has a lot to do with strength which I have none of. What would martial art would take the least strength that is EFFECTIVE.
  8. The fact that he is 3-0 under the zuffa banner and avenged is only loss tells me good things. He also happens to be the youngest fighter in the UFC at 20.
  9. I had a class with him in high school 2 years ago. I remember telling me he had work that day. When I asked where he worked, he said he fights. In my mind I was thinking "this skinny *** kid really wants me to believe he can fight." 1 year later he's in the WEC, couple weeks later in the ufc. and now he's going to be on spike. I kid you not if you see this guy in person he you would be surprised that he can hurt a fly. Go mayday!!
  10. Graduated last year from the same high school I did a year before. I can not believe all this is happening so fast to him. He didn't look like a fighter AT ALL. He was so quite. I cant believe he is in the UFC and just won fight of the night. Good job michael at 20 years old you have a great future in the bantam weight division!! Represent Modesto!!
  11. Bullys getting beat up left and right. The era has ended..
  12. http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhNZ456Ki2y7Z033Y6 ground and pound!
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