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  1. What a disappointing card. The Buys KO was pretty cool to watch since it definitely shows how NOT to stand up when your opponent lets you up. All in all though, Bellator was better - especially the main event.
  2. Prickland looks like one of those Serbian gangsters Liam Neeson kills in the Taken movies.
  3. It's an absolute shame since this was by far the biggest fight on the card. Nunes' dominance would be put to the test by a hungry challenger by the name of Julianna Pena. Pena has a renewed ferocity and a need to prove herself in front of WMMA's most feared opponent. She will utilize her incessant pressure, blitzkrieg striking and relentless grappling skills to try and wrest gold from the Champion's hands. I don't understand how anyone isn't totally crushed by this fight's cancellation.
  4. It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that the inaugural 125lb champion missed weight at 135lbs, instead weighing in at 143lbs after an intense, draining weight cut attempt. What was her walkaround weight before the fight? 160? She can now go to Bellator and fight at 145lbs or maybe to PFL and fight at 155.
  5. The guy seems like a massive toolbox. First there was the altercation with his sparring partner. I was like "well, we don't know the whole story here" so no big deal. However, the quote juice64011 posted made me realize that, yeah, this dude is off his rocker. First off, the story about some dude putting a shotgun to his head sounds like he pulled that tall tale completely out of his ****. Even if it was true, his conclusions about wanting to kill someone and being happy about it makes him sound like an angry middle schooler who needs counseling rather than a tough guy. Couple that with his off-the-mark trash talk at the press conference and we've got a real winner on our hands. Prickland, indeed.
  6. In many ways Cormier is the King Hippo of the UFC.
  7. So true. She could disappear into a hogan out on the reservation and never be seen or heard from again. This will be her 3rd fight in four years. She won the inaugural strawweight title with a decision over Roxanne Modafferi (I love Roxy, but c'mon...), then missed weight a bunch and got sick and yada yada. She came back to bantamweight Julianna Pena rolled right over her. Now she'd facing a girl who is coming off back-to-back losses. If she drops this fight the UFC has to consider cutting her. The only reason she'd get another chance is because of the inaugural champ thing and the native card.
  8. MMAFighting did their robbery review on this fight and, unsurprisingly, declared it a robbery. All 22 major MMA media outlets scored the fight for Maverick. Ultimately nothing will be done. It's just another in a long list of examples of how horrible mixed martial arts judging truly is.
  9. Stipe could fight someone else for interim title B (the interim title A going to the winner of Lewis and Gane), then all three title holders could face off in a triple threat match to crown the undisputed universal champion.
  10. WOW. GARBAGE. How do you not score that first round a 10-8? Ridiculous. Only one judge got it right, just like one judge got the Maverick/Barber fight right.
  11. A draw is the appropriate decision. Let's see if these clown judges can get it right this time.
  12. Good round. I'd got 10-9 Pieface for that one. Still 19-18 in Phillips' favor though.
  13. If that's not at least a 10-8, nothing is.
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