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  1. Does anyone know if Carlos Condit has ever had some sort of takedown defense?
  2. This is trending the opposite of the usual fight card... prelims have some awesome fights and finishes, but the main card is lackluster. This time the prelims were a decision fest (three U's and to splits), while the first three fights on the main card ended in KO/TKO. Very interesting.
  3. This reminds me how much I wish they allowed unlimited upkicks. If you're back is flat to the mat, you should be able to upkick your opponent regardless of whether or not he's "grounded". Of course I also feel they should allow soccer kicks so...
  4. ijosef

    Chimaev ducked

    Knowing people who work in residential facilities where the virus ran amok, I do have sympathy for those with long recoveries. Symptoms of the people I know who had COVID-19 ranged from very mild cold-like symptoms for a few days to hospitalizations and, in one tragic instance, death. I was speaking to one lady who had gotten over COVID-19 roughly three weeks prior. Although her symptoms were relatively mild and she it had been nearly a month since she tested negative again for the virus (the facility was doing mass testing on a regular basis), she would get winded during a walk down a long hallway. This is a woman who is in (I'm guessing) her mid 40s and in decent shape - not overweight and no apparently medical issues. However, it did a number on her lungs and even after recovering from infection she was walking around like a severe asthmatic. Even if a fighter recovers from coronavirus within a week or two, their cardio could be negatively impacted for a long, long time afterward.
  5. This isn't exactly breaking news. It's well known that GSP didn't like the actual trip to the octagon and was extremely nervous and afraid before each fight. It's actually extremely common to get some sort of anxiety before a big performance. Those in theater and music call it stage fright, but it's all part of the human psyche. In rare cases it can be so severe as to be debilitating, but the average amount of performance anxiety is just human nature. I'm actually more worried about guys who truly "live to fight" and can't stop. Those are the ones whose stories don't end well. Look at BJ Penn, for instance.
  6. 1. Cain Velasquez vs Lesnar 2. Overeem vs Lesnar 3. Frank Mir vs Lesnar (first fight)
  7. I loved the way Neal smashed Wonderbread tonight. Made that karate hack look like a complete fool. Will Neal get a title shot after tonight's performance?
  8. Age is a tricky thing with a lot of these fighters. Some continue to defy the odds like Yoel or better yet Glover Texiera, but the drop-off is usually drastic when a fighter of that caliber loses a step. Just look at Anderson Silva going into the first Weidman fight versus what he became after. You could apply the same logic to JDS and TFerg, both of whom are on the backside of 30. Sure, TFerg could rebound - it's always a possibility - but the odds of doing so grow increasingly slim with the passage of time and each additional setback.
  9. ijosef

    Bye bye Yoel

    He probably still has legal bills to pay for the tainted supplement lawsuit he "won".
  10. That's a good point. The story of leg lock being a weakness in BJJ is actually an interesting story, if you're willing to see past the Gracie mythos.
  11. Whatever, take that upkick like a man. I hope TFerg pops you in the back of the head with a .38 after this fight is over.
  12. For sure. BJJ, like all arts, evolves towards its competition ruleset. You can win championships in BJJ with almost zero takedown skill (comparatively speaking), just back-flopping and butt-scooting. Critics of the art often point this out, but it's readily apparent when a BJJ specialist tries their hand at MMA. Demian Maia didn't become a real threat until he greatly improved his wrestling.
  13. I hate ****bronx so much and I don't even know why.
  14. I see Dern is claiming she's from Brazil now. Well, she already has that fake (well, affected, to be fair) accent, so I guess there's no reason not to go all-in.
  15. I gotta say I prefer that to a sweep or a scramble. Just KO the grappler that took you down from the bottom.
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