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    Suck it

    It was a dominant performance for sure. Those leg kicks were starting to show but it didn't matter since it was over soon after. Who knows? Maybe that's why Khabib went for the finish. I'm surprised Justin didn't do a better job in those spots. Other fighters were able to survive being pinned up against the cage by Khabib, even if they were losing. Barboza and Iaquinta both took Khabib to a decision, and neither of those dudes are considered grappling wizards. Justin not only got caught in two subs, he got mounted quite easily as well. Not what I expected at all.
  2. I'd be more confident in saying Khabib if he sticks around a little longer. If he's really retired, I don't know. One of the reasons GSP is mentioned is because he cleaned out a division more than once. If Khabib kept fighting - even for another two or three years - and put on performances like he did today, I'd have no problem considering him one of the greatest to have ever done it.
  3. Same here. It was a good triangle - certainly better than any crappy triangle I've ever done - but not outstanding for a UFC-caliber fighter. It seems like it took Gaethje by surprise, since he didn't even do the usual defense.
  4. Sambo, but who's counting? Gracie propaganda has been so effective that all submissions are referred to as "jujitsu".
  5. Lame. You can tell Cormier is full mast right now.
  6. Well, so much for Cormier saying he wasn't going to be biased during the commentary.
  7. If this stram craps out on me one more time I'm going to lose my mind.
  8. Well, yeah, Megatron it is I guess.
  9. Brock Lesnar needs to be in every fighting video game.
  10. The beautiful and talented Lauren Murphy should be in line for a title shot after that impressive victory.
  11. Yep, he lost. He's not truly undefeated in the eyes of the hardcore fans who know better, but ultimately it's the official W/L record that matters. Chael Sonnen brought up a good point in Khabib - he really doesn't have great MMA wrestling in the center of the octagon. He almost always needs to smesh someone against the fence in order to drag the fight to the ground. However, it's easy to observe that and another thing entirely to successfully incorporate that into some type of gameplan.
  12. She got a lucky body shot, that's pretty much it. Still for the best though, since we don't need to see Valentina dominate Choochootrain again.
  13. ijosef

    C*oocky Weidman Thread

    He need so long time because he so not good.
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