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  1. This fight is a testament to Kelvin's durability. At the same time, he's soooo undersized for a middleweight. Whittaker is clearly the bigger man, despite the fact that he's also a former 170er.
  2. Ah well. I actually thought he'd at least take it to a decision. Can't blame the guy though - he made half a million dollars for tonight's PPV farce.
  3. Arlovski doesn't quit after a nut shot like Tubanov did.
  4. Mir is getting outclassed as expected, but still not bad when you're fighting a veteran pro boxer and it's your first pro fight.
  5. Kish is going to have to be able to scramble if she wants to win. You can already tell where this fight is headed.
  6. Finally some WMMA. The worst wmma is better than what Triller is doing right now.
  7. Why is Ric Flair watching these two bums slap one another?
  8. I thought I was watching the wrong thing... did I accidentally tune in to a hip hop awards show? I love Cube, but it's not 1993 anymore. That said, his rap style is 1000x better than the current trend.
  9. Okay, enough of that. Time to tune in to the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren boxing card. I think Frank Mir is fighting next.
  10. Remember the low blows Chris Tuscherer took from Gabriel Gonzaga? THOSE were groin shots. The dude was puking in the octagon and still continued. JoshNOS - I think you're right, he quit. He also just got a really lucky split decision win.
  11. Tubanov is sucking wind in a major way. Is this a break for the low blow or exhaustion?
  12. Also, I like this Romanov guy because his physique reminds me of my own.
  13. This Spaniard has the face of a 50-year-old man.
  14. Penne better win this or else her only source of income will be Only Fans and Uber.
  15. Why is it that the first fight doesn't start until a full 45 minutes after the event begins?
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