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  1. Those Vines are hilarious. There needs to be more UFC fighters trolling at the weigh ins
  2. Yo WarWest, you want my account bro? I've never really liked this forum, to many trolls/UFC fanboys who think they know everything about everything.
  3. Dana is definitely butthurt that Bellator is starting to become bigger. Sure bad mouth the company all you want like a gossiping little high school girl, but what kind of piece of crap tries to make a kid pick between whats best for his career and his father. http://www.bjpenn.com/dana-white-calls-ryan-couture-tells-him-father-unwelcome-at-events-offers-ufc-release-ufc-news/
  4. Cody would just choke out Frankie anyways.
  5. Hahahahaha. That was actually pretty funny.
  6. All the fans are being quiet because The Reem is still sleeping
  7. I actually lol'd when Edgar said he thought he won the fight. He needs to start planning on finishing fights instead of point fighting. When you're losing and you already took all of Aldos best shots and you're still standing, don't dance around and throw faints the last 2 rounds. Go out and throw everything you have, it's not like he doesn't have the gas tank to keep up that kind of pace.
  8. I know, I thought he was going to cry. It was actually sad. The guy just went to war for the whole 5 rounds after taking a beating for their entertainment, and the crowd has the nerve to boo him. JDS has more heart than anyone, I can't wait until he comes back and demolishes someone.
  9. Miller and Lauzon saved the card. God damn that fight was well worth 50 dollars!
  10. Why would he pair up half the fighters he did for the last main card of the year? The first 2 fights IMO were a joke.
  11. well then Colton needs to learn Jiu Jitsu. Thats extremely embarrassing for an mma fighter to have that position he did for almost a full 15 minutes, and not be able to finish a fight.
  12. Ricci was defending a RNC for 15 minutes. He even somehow managed that reverse at the end when he was gassed. BTW I'm not a fan of either fighter.
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