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  1. Lol, can't imagine a more perfect tribute to a rapper funeral
  2. Congrats man!! How soon til his first HK pistol?
  3. Have the 2 of them ever been seen in the same room at the same time together? Kinda suspicious....
  4. That's what I was humorously insinuating
  5. I don't normally like props comedians, but he cracks me the hell up. Saw him twice in Vegas.
  6. Why the hell would you want to see that???
  7. Andy was too much of a puzzy to show up at the Shia Wall. No way he'll bother to meet a forum legend like Stanley
  8. I assure you, whatever you read in the synopsis doesn't capture the awfulness of the book. I would seriously rather be forced at gunpoint to read all the twilight and 50 shades books than that pile of **** again
  9. Please stop joking about Forrest Gump 2. There really is a sequel book written and I had the grave misfortune of reading it. It was, and always will be, the worst thing ever put on paper. It's really not a joking matter, I try to bury any thoughts of that book into the deepest recesses of my brain and you're activating some PTSD. Seriously, please and thank you. As far as biographical MMA film... I, and everyone else here, would watch a movie about Megasoup. Some may deny it, but it's a train wreck we'd all tune into.
  10. The same ****ing morons who paid the first time around. I don't even follow that pathetic excuse of a combat sport and I had no doubt in my mind how it was gonna go and I was right.
  11. I've never heard of Julianas, pretty positive there aren't any in my city. As long as Grimaldi's pizza doesn't change I'll be eating it
  12. That's bizarre, I wonder what the story is there. I've eaten at about 5 other Grimaldi's locations and they all have at least beer and wine. I think other **** too but I don't pay much attention to that. The pizza is p5p
  13. We eat at the one near my house at least once a week
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