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  1. When looking for a girl at a bar, you refuse to go down a weight class.
  2. Heat_Check

    Music ?

    I agree ^^^
  3. I don't think Cain would just walk right in front of Brock and just stand there looking at him like that guy did. He was literally just standing right in front of him like ok the script says pick me up and slam me now.
  4. He looks like an alien but that was a great fight and he has a good attitude. But he still looks like an alien.
  5. That's too bad. I think he would have been an exciting fighter to watch.
  6. Yea try calling your cable provider and asking if it has spike, or check google by typing in your cable company.
  7. He should compare Anderson to Peter Parker.
  8. Yea they don't want you to post about non ufc stuff in the ufc section so just talk about it in the non ufc section since its about non ufc stuff.
  9. Heat_Check

    ring girls

    Arrianny is the best. The black chick needs to go.
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