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  1. If Florian can't handle Maynard's wrestling, he wouldn't stand a chance against the top guys in WW.
  2. Use the Firefox browser, download the ad blocker plugin, and problem solved.
  3. That was a good fight, I don't know about fight of the year though.
  4. Cool video Exodus. I'm surprised the DanHenderson/Bisping KO wasn't in there.
  5. Defdude

    Nelson v.s. Carwin

    Maybe Nelson can take power shots from JDS, but I'm not sure if he could handle Carwin bombs.
  6. How come whenever someone posts a picture of GSP with his homeboys, it looks totally gay. Hmm...
  7. If Tito had taught Chael how to get out of a triangle, we might have another MW champion right now.
  8. Defdude

    TIto will beat Hamill

    This is Tito after beating Hamill.
  9. Congrats Exodus! And yes, Fedor is awesome. Can't wait to see his next fight... i feel sorry for Overeem or whoever it is.
  10. Wasn't talking about you' date=' it was to op. This video has been posted everywhere from failblog, to break, to about every comedy vid site the last few days. *You don't want to know
  11. Yeah, seen it already. Get with the times man, sheesh... jk
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