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  1. Ryan84


    Having never been to a UFC event I am very excited abotu makign the trip to London for 120. I was wondering what to expect ig I got tickets for the Expo? Is it worth while buying tickets and going? I have no idea what an Expo entails. Has anyone been to one or know what the deal is? My 2 friends and I who are going would appreciate some info.
  2. Ryan84

    Ufc 120

    I have to say I agree with pretty much all the comments on this thread. The card at the moment looks like an undercard to a main event., I like Bisping, I love Hardy, Hathaway is still an up comming fighter. The card lacks a big main event! This will be my first UFC event, and Im glad to be there, I could only afford the ?100 seats because by the time I pay for my flights and hotel, I may well have to bed for money for food lol. I think that the UFC may want to look at this card and announce a big named headliner. As its been said before the UK is not Vegas, we are lucky if we see the UFC here once a year! They seem to get big name fights every month! Im hoping that UFC will realising they are short changing their UK fans and announce at the very least a number 1 contender fight!
  3. Ryan84

    Marquardt vs. Bisping

    I like Bisping but there would be no chance of him beating Marquardt. If this fight ever happened I got Nate by (T)KO
  4. Ryan84

    Ufc 120

    Just got my tickets for UFC 120! I know theyve only officially announced 3 fights so far, but Ive never been to a live event before and I cannot wait!! Anyone else form the Forum going? Better yet anyone else from belfast or Ireland going??
  5. Dana is the UFC president. He is involved in the negotiations to bring UFC to new places and lift liscensing banns on MMA ect. He has a background in boxing, I think the gauntlet was thrown down to Tito Ortiz whom he has a netoriously volatile relationship with (the fight never took place) He appreciates MMA. He talks a lot of BS but thats just to hype fights. I think he appreciates the fans, as its the fans that have put his company where it is, and he's quite obviously a phenominal businessman! I gotta say, I think Dana is pretty cool.
  6. You havnt said what sort of musical style theyre playing. A name should at least fir the genre!
  7. Kiss in Dublin 2010 36 Crazyfists in Belfast 2007 Coheed and Cambria glasgow Barrowlands 2007 First time I saw Tool Ozzfest Dublin 2002 First Time I saw Metallica Point Dublin 1999 In no particular order. Also, the first few years of the Download festival were awesome. Not so good now.
  8. Street Fighter 2 Rocked!!!! Tekken is Awesome! Street Fighter 4 Sucked balls!!! This game was gonna happen at some point, just hope they dont mess it up!
  9. Ryan84

    MMA Lessons

    Thats not bad. We have different classes too. Clinch, boxing, wrestling, sparring ect.
  10. There was a guy in northern Ireland who got in the newspapers because he thought he was getting something "meaningful in japanese) on a trip to his local asian resteraunt he discovered that what was actually written was "in the name of god what an ugly man" DONT GET A TATTOO if you have to come on a forum to ask. You either want it or you dont. I got a tribal when I was 18 and regeretted the hell out of it. I got it covered. Luckily I was able to get it covered with something meaningful that I actualyl wanted. The artists did a great job!! Find a decent artist. Note I said artist NOT tracer!! Discuss your design with him. Tell him what you want, if youre not happy with even the smallest detail let him know. This is on you for life and a proper artist will respect that!
  11. Ryan84

    MMA Lessons

    How many days training is that
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