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  1. nah, he's like french canadian or something. never noticed how orange he looks?
  2. Not a troll, but I do think I am probably the most handsome guy here. Women go insane over me.
  3. You got to be real.. Frankie is the only white champion atm and everyone hates him.
  4. Dang, even most of his fans want to see him move up!!
  5. Thiago Silva has had a more dominant career than Maia. I think he could blast him, and possibly beat Anderson Silva.
  6. I think that once fighters start getting paid more, better athletes will come over. If you notice most of the genetic freaks in the UFC came over from other sports (Jose Aldo soccer, Brock Lesnar wrestling, GSP Baseball etc.)
  7. I appreciate the nominations, but they don't fit me. i'm not the name-callers.
  8. Yerp. I'm next to Matt Larsen. Was a 4 month course to get certified by civilian instructors outside of Fort Campbell. Rage hard.
  9. Martial Arts Instructor in a Special Forces group and I openly accept grappling and / or pancrase bouts from anyone in my unit. No one has ever come close to submitting me or even hurting me. Keep dreaming, ****** bag.
  10. Raptor_45

    UFC Forum Awards

    i should definitely get best poster award.
  11. lol I would more than likely beat the **** out of you.
  12. That is one dude I would be afraid to fight. He just looks scary.
  13. I can't think of a more exciting match-up to be honest. Thiago would be able to stuff most of Maia's take-downs, and outstrike him. But Maia would get some take downs and control the fight there. I see this fight being a very exciting 3 rounds!!!!
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