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  1. Well, Order has been restored to the force and since its been a few years. Heres a few trophys ive caught in the meantime.
  2. Its been forever since I logged on. This was my favorite thread for sure! Well im getting divorced, had to sell all my guns, my boat ect... Havent fished in what feels like forever! Hopefully things will look up soon and I can get back to doing the things i miss and love
  3. awesome fish pics everyone. Im gonna try and get back to posting some pics sometime
  4. If you've ever been accused of lying through your tooth, you might be a redneck.
  5. i recently attended a redneck wedding from a distant relative in North Carolina. The wedding party was wearing camoflage, all the men in the weddng party had smokeless tobacco cans in their back pockets. all the tables were provided with mason jars for drinking and there was moonshine at the wedding. the DJ had an ipod and there was always a delay between songs that were 95% county music. the party favors were little bags of pepto bismal, advil, imodium ad and alka seltzer. hot dogs and hamburgers and food like that were provided. It was interesting to say the least!!!!!
  6. but are you allowed to rock the strap on your hip loaded or have to keep magazines somewhere else? I carry a taurus judge public defender loaded with 000 buck concealed carry
  7. my wife hooked us up with a free charter through one of the brokers she does business with. We went out of Key Biscayne just south of Miami. non-stop action. We only lost 1 fish and that was because we left it hooked to attract more mahi mahi.
  8. I have tried posting bigger pics but i cant figure out how. its a sail fish not swordfish. they are edible but it was short and i would have released it regardless of size
  9. [ATTACH]4072[/ATTACH] 53 mahi mahi and 1 sail fish! not a bad day
  10. oh, it all makes sense now. thanks for bringing that to my attention! I waited all these years and finally you came around. thanks buddy!!!!
  11. why was it that when the villains would shoot guns at superman he would take the bullets to the chest but if someone picked up a chair and threw it at him he always ducked out of the way. never understood that. anyone else notice that while watching superman?
  12. yeah, remember the new and improved frank mir that put on 25lbs of muscle. he was supposed to beat Lesnar the 2nd time. I guess we shall all see what happens
  13. though the US is very bad at this there are alot of other countries that are just as bad off if not worse
  14. as of right now im winning but all a mod has to do is post then end the thread and he/she would win
  15. all I can say is theres no warrents out for my arrest or anyone elses arrest that has been doing the same thing for the last 15-20 years. Its not an official mail! lets just say yes you are correct, a warrent is issued for your arrest and you stand before the judge. your lawyer is gonna ask, does the DA have any proof that so and so received the letter. the answer will be "no" and case dismissed period! everything has to be proven. if they send it certified mail, yes you better answer it or you will be in trouble
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