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  1. wow, a while since ive been on here. A lot of people seem to be confused/sad as to why Brazil are so far down, apparently because they're hosting the 2014 world cup the amount of points they can earn is restricted. Stupid if you ask me
  2. yup... pretty happy with that signing, although the fee i think is a bit too much.. but he has potential to make that fee a bargain. hope to see mata,adam and if im lucky....aguero:cool: come in within the next month
  3. wow....seems like years since ive been on this interesting summer time for liverpool fans i imagine lots of signings and possibly lots of money being spent
  4. worst thing is.... they play sooooooooooooo crap...yet they are running away with it i found it extremely amusing that rooney hadnt scored in open play since march. then all of a sudden he scores a fluke of a header from 3 yards. and he is back to his best!!!
  5. oh and are there any other liverpool fans on this forum..... i got banned from the liverpool forums permanently cause the mods are c*nts i always feel isolated in this thread
  6. yup we are.......9th with two games in hand in which IF we win....we go...............................................6th and it comes natural,,,,ive always been optimistic.... even with this clueless imbecile as our manager.
  7. people moan about ko's now? great
  9. ive noticed you lot are ruling liverpool out of everything i think were in the title race more than ever this season
  10. lets get this thread back on track....... the pl is getting preeeety interesting now (hardly from my view) i fancy arsenal for the pl.....i just cant bare the fact of united getting a 19th
  11. school......ahh i hate that word that's the whole reason im not getting black ops.....i have like 100000 exams in the next week and after prbably wont get it till jan ish
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