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  1. Happy holidays everyone! Been a crazy month and a half for me with a new job. Pretty much going to be absent on the forums just like sobercuban because of this job. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm just here to say that the Patriots DBs are still horrible, although yes, their pass rush is above average. I do think the Patriots have the edge against any team if they get Edelman back healthy which they probably will due to their bye week in the playoffs. They just have to hope that Gronk is not injured in the next 2 games. Antonio Brown needs 113 yards to break his season yardage best and he has 2 games to do it. He needs 379 yards in 2 games to break the all time season record which is possible. He needs 14 receptions in 2 games to break his season best for receptions. And he'll need 28 receptions in 2 games to break the all time season record for receptions in a season. He's a bad, bad man.
  2. I got into watching MMA because boxing was boring and MMA is more multi-dimensional so you won't know where the fight can end up sometimes. Boxing was still boring if you take into account all of Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s fights.
  3. JBJF is Team Banham. Blitzburgh is McMod.
  4. Lay and pray is where Fitch feels most comfortable. It was bound to happen that he go to the Bitcoin.
  5. Seems about right with how they are right now.
  6. Would you have told Volquez of the situation before the game started?
  7. Is that from Civilizations Gods and Kings (obviously modded)? I think I have that game.
  8. No one is discounting Brady. The Packers last year could have won easily if they recovered the onside kick and the guy who went for the ball did his role and just blocked so that Jordy Nelson behind him would have caught that ball.
  9. Yeah, but Seattle's defense was crippled. Especially after the NFC championship game last year with the Packers. Brady's a great QB, but a lot of the big team wins are a result because of his great defense and clutch kicker.
  10. "Let the trannies bang, m8." - Megasoup
  11. He also doesn't win at least 2 out of his 4 super bowls without Adam Vinatieri's clutch kicks.
  12. The guy wearing that t-shirt might is a dude, m8.
  13. It's a team/franchise accomplishment to have more super bowl wins. Or even just wins in general.
  14. Exactly. I feel like he disgraced his grandfather's name with such a poor showing as OC for the Lions.
  15. I don't know if you can get worse then who he had to replace as the Lions OC.
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