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  1. Watching the episode where Jesus scraps the devil in a boxing match lol Satan weigh'd in at 320lbs(MMA super HW ) an Jesus weighs in at 135.1(MMA BW). Devil takes a dive worse than kimbo's last boxing bout anyways ,funny episode regardless.
  2. nick denis is so awesome... who else have you seen a literal "CHOKE SLAM" with a gnp KO finish from?.....guys an animal nuff said
  3. I'm extremely interested in seeing this match-up down the line. Who do you have winning this fight?
  4. because alot of people on this MMA forum haven't actually seen this since most are purely mma fans, not all but most. I like badr alot actually, he has had some disrespectful moments and anger issues but still. I mean he took a year off to chill and came back looking just as good if not better. I am not trying to make the claim that graham is a better fighter WTF, that KO in their first fight was BRUTAL and broke hari's jaw in two different places, almost ended his career hari said. I think that win overshadows the way he avenged his loss but badr IS THE BETTER FIGHTER no doubt. so chill idk why your on my case with a harmless post LOL
  5. Is that the carnival MMA forum? If so any good?
  6. Like you said Kranga.. I lost pretty much all respect when he threw that dog shot at graham lol
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