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  1. Well i'd rather see McGoat vs MakGoat in a truly godly battle.
  2. haped. Only fight thats watchable is Josh Koscheck vs Jake Ellenberger but only for free.
  3. Mein did well, didnt like to see either lose, but Mein is young so glad Thiago got the win.
  4. Give Vitor the belt, and exempt him from this bs TRT rule. **** Weidman.
  5. lololol You just cant hate a guy like this. Hope to see him do well and grab more bonus money.
  6. I think he did amazing Andy started to wrestle the ref afterwards lmao. And didnt give a **** about Joe's comments either. Mach1Goat has been born.
  7. may i zoom zoom in your boom boom??

  8. I think Weidman just has great timing. He did it to Silva and he pressured Machida with it. And he looks like Ricky Martin.
  9. Pettis would kick his head clean off. And Khabib will ragdoll him and Pettis.
  10. lol you idiots, Dana will pay JJs bill like a teenager having his first accident. And then probably give him a "locker" bonus.
  11. lol dominate performance? you mean the one where he lost the final two rounds and would have been finished had there been a 6th.
  12. Id like to see her take Ronda's belt. I think she could force her to stand as she also has a Judo background.
  13. Well considering GSP never lost, it would be more approriate to say he will give Hendricks a shot at the real title.
  14. Uncle Tom is more Uncle Tom though.
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