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  1. MarDawg

    I gotta admit

    Yup, Rampage is in great shape for this fight and is going to KO Jones !
  2. MarDawg

    Check it out

    great game guys give it a try.
  3. Such an awesome game!
  4. You have proved numerous amounts of times on this site that you are a prepubescent little boy who has a huge crush on Chael Sonnen and GSP. Thanks for proving it again..
  5. i got Diaz winning this by TKO or sub, GSP has the better wrestling, but that is about it. Diaz has the better hands and BJJ..
  6. He will beat Okami and the winner of Sonnen/Stann. Then face either GSP or Jon Jones and retire #1 P4P.:cool:
  7. I got Anderson, Schaub, and Nedkov.
  8. All i know is GSP is screwed when he fights Diaz... GSP has the better wrestling and can control where the fight goes but that is about it. Nick has the hands to get a TKO or win a decision if the fight stays standing and if GSP takes Diaz to the ground he will be tapping fast :cool:
  9. this^ it's bs that they would cut him when he has proof of an injury...
  10. MarDawg

    Check it out

    bump, cause the games so fun. It takes patience to become one of the best, but once you are up there its worth it. Sign up, create fighters, join fight organizations, buy VIP (if you want), go on the forums and make connections with other players (or rivalries), eventually start a company (if you bought VIP this is one of the biggest perks, owning a company).
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