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  1. so i guess today is the day we all found out mirko was an angsty middle schooler who thought he knew two ***** about music,
  2. I still think it's hilarious that you're trying to back up your, albeit well thought out point, by using a picture of the comparison of biceps....BICEPS. Forget the fact that the lower body holds much more weight than the upper body, your legs have to support your frame all day, not your arms, I mean this is pretty rudimentary stuff here.
  3. hahahahahahaha comparing sizes are we????
  4. lol when i saw this, i was instantly reminded of G_Row's "Free stuff thread" which turned out just to be about swearing if memory serves.
  5. I just hate it when the UFC matches up two of my favourite fighters, this is just like Nog/Werdum, and Overeem/Bigfoot. Why not let Werdum smash Mir since according to Dana, " Mir has the best BJJ in the HW div." Why not let Nog go out on a high note and beat up Travis Browne. Why not let Ubereem beat the tar out of Cain instead of letting Cain fight for the title? Why not let Bigfoot retire Carwin? I guess actually the Struve/ Hunt fight makes sense, cause well who else is left?
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