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  1. your an idiot. how are you an idiot for smoking something that better for you than cigarettes and alcohol my god. it would be stupid to do it so close to the fight but an immediate cut isnt warranted at all. If it was weed the the diazs wouldnt be in the ufc at all and nick diaz is fighting for the title i dont think he would be if zuffa cut ppl for smoking weed. actually he didnt call her a c**t he called her c**ty totsl different meaning.
  2. Ok so i got tired of reading the entire thread because it just got stupid. It would be nice to see ppl think objectively on this forum but I guess thats too much to ask. GSP might destroy Diaz but at the same time Diaz may destroy GSP we dont know yet the fight hasnt happened so saying Diaz will get destroyed is dumb. Just because penn is a bjj blackbelt doesnt mean GSP doesnt have to worry about any other bjj artist, Diaz is more aggresive off his back which is sometimes enough to think twice about taking him to the ground and if that happens diaz does have the striking ability to put GSP away. I do feel GSP's striking is better from a technical stand point but diaz has more power and its not as if GSP's striking is lightyears ahead of Diaz. I think this will be a good fight so instead of assuming things lets just have a civil educated disussion about how this fight could play out.
  3. Whats is with all the uneducated mma fans on this forum. GSP didnt get exposed you clearly dont know the meaning to the word. He had a lackluster fight thats all. I dont care who you are not being able to see out of one of your eyes will hinder your fighting ability. And saying Gsp is boring is opinion so dont bring that up ever I thinking hes exciting and i did enjoy watching the his fight with shields. Greg jackson didnt come to this conlusion about the eye himself he is saying what the doctors said but you wouldnt know this because clearly you dont watch or read any other articles on the matter. And wow he spit water out of his mouth and he got it on his chest so during his fight he wouldnt get taken down by someone who tried 2 takedowns where he grabbed gsps leg. and water wouldnt make you that slippery sweat "greases" you a thousand times more than water so should we disqualify fighters if they sweat. If you dont know anything about the topic or topics mentioned do not try and get your 2 cents in because you will make yourself look foolish.
  4. Who gives a **** its not gonna make a difference in the fight
  5. He never said he won the fight in that article. your making him seem more of a complainer than he really is. I agree he needs to move on but he never took it that far.
  6. You know thats not real right?
  7. GSP isnt invovled with the topic of this thread so dont bring him up in it you f'ing idiot. As for the fight it was not stopped early Daley was done accept it and move on.
  8. Anyone that says Jardine won because of the takedowns should stop watching mma because you dont know anything. When Jardine got a takedown he didnt do a thing with it, he couldnt even keep top control for more than 5 seconds before Moussasi got up, and Moussasi out classed him in the striking in every round. That fight should have been a draw and if Moussasi didnt have a point taken away he would have won.
  9. Just want to point out something there are men in the octagon that appeal to the gay and female fans just saying. the octagon girls are reserved for us straights.
  10. people said the same thing about shogun but look what happened.
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