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  1. stfu, lesnar is and was a joke....Guy got handed that belt on a silver platter, stays relevant just long enough till everyone notices he has the chin of a middle school student. Despite being a draw, he was a shameful mma athlete. Despite being huge guy didn't like to get hit in the face and ran when ever hit flush. Never bothered to adapt. Every time he lost his solution was that he had to hit the gym more and get bigger or quicker, when everything besides his wrestling was piss poor. You may call the guy a champ but his mma career and utter ignorance of the sport is only amusing to his fan boys.
  2. I don't see how anyone can be siding with jbj camp over DW. Jones had the option to fight a smaller guy who had no chance to prepare for him and bailed, therefor canceling the event. Some of you may argue " well the ufc should have had a back up plan and not relied so much of jones" but jbj always said he was a responsible champ. As it turns out he isn't. You don't have to be in the loop to understand what jbj did and said was a bit odd to say the least. Jbj lost money, lost respect from a lot of people.....in my oppinion ducked a guy I think was a gimmie fight, cost other fights money and cost the ufc @ 40 million. In any other industry he would of been fired and wouldn't find another job. The guy thinks he's big ****. The money and lime light got to his head or he's socially awkward.
  3. DW will not fire JBJ. It's like throwing away money on top of money. I can see DW giving him difficult fights, say at HW but no way would he let JBJ go.
  4. I doubt he would be cut. He is to much of a draw... Why was this question even asked?
  5. Doubt it. JBJ is not as accurate as AS. Im doubt vitor will fall to a similar KO in a shorter amount of time. Mathematically speaking, its very un-likely. I would LMAO if it did though hahaha
  6. I think machida is still next in line. When a reporter asked DW about Hendo still being next in line he said he didn't know at this point, but sounded more like a no to me then anything. I wouldn't mind seeing machida vs hendo, or machida vs sonnen. I think Machida wins both. I think machida is still next in line for a shot at the title. It wasn't his fault the PPV fell apart, he need to wait past this month to find out weather he got hendo or jones. If not any of those fights would be a sick match.
  7. You are cordially invited to partake in a massive boo directed at JBJ for his entrance at 152. Where ever you are on sept 22, watching JBJ vs Machida you should express you disgust toward Jones by echoing a unified massive boo.
  8. If he put's together 2 wins or 3 he will be back to a title shot...
  9. Lol bendo fans can say what they want, and post all the ******** they can......bendo knows he lost, his corner knows he lost that fight, DW knows he lost, most if not all professional fighters know bendo lost, most mma fans not containing an extra chromosome know Bendo lost It's a sad day for mma when you have such ******** going on. Im not to big of a fan of the LW devision but that decision was shameful. I'v said it once or twice and I ill say it again....you want to get even, stop buying PPV's. Every other pay per view there is another BS decision, and ever 1 out of 3 or 4 main events contain odd scoring and BS decisions.
  10. Bendo robbed Edgar of the belt, plain and simple... Stop watching the ufc this **** is corrupt as hell...
  11. I wont be paying for anymore pay per views after this. The majority know edgar won, not by much but he won. Most if not all professionals think edgar won. The few who think bendo won are delusional. He was less effective in the 2nd last fight. I cant fathom paying for fights when every pay per view has a bad decision. I don't know if mma is just becoming corrupt or the judges really are that ignorant to the sport. It's becoming excessive. Im no paying for this ******** yet again. It's one thing when a bad decision happens on the undercard but every other main event has ******** happen.
  12. I'm starting to loose interest in the ufc because of BS decisions. Bendo lost that fight. You saw it in his face during the fight. His corner basically told him the same. The judges scoring made no sense. It's like every card has a fight like this....I dont think I will be paying for pay per view for a long long time. It is what it is I guess but I thought the decision was clear. The only thing that is clear is someone may be padding the pockets of judges or the judges are that ignorant. I don't know which is worse...
  13. Lol woo there guy, 1st round between machida and jones went to machida...granted he got put out. Going to be interesting to see the 2nd fight.
  14. I don't know what else to tell you chief. I thought most people knew that was one of his major strengths. Hes more known for his wrestling and cardio then his standup to my knowledge. lol You sound like a duck so I wont bother arguing with you........nice try though. You reek of the same stench that JDS does...fear.
  15. Why isn't anyone else shocked JDS wants an easier fight with overeem? It's insulting honestly. The guy never once complained before Cain vs Silva about overeem. Cain wins that pretty decisively and all of a sudden JDS is interested in a fight with overeem over his original fight with CAIN. I call major ********.
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