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  1. Giant Squid. Nothing else even comes close. I've actually had shivers run up my spine looking at pictures of them. They terrify me. I've always assumed it probably had something to do with watching the movie "The Beast" when I was a little kid.
  2. Shinsplint and Carnages got to me I may still be banned, time will tell.
  3. I have always found you to be quite intelligent and insightful. This statement further proves my beliefs.
  4. So I just came off of a ban for what was described to me as posting "Inappropriate pictures/gifs". When in reality all I did was post pictures of a woman.. Not a naked woman, just a woman, fully clothed. I got to thinking, are the mods really this uptight around here? But it occurred to me that they couldn't be... They must just not know what inappropriate means! So I decided to make this thread in order to help them out! Because I'm a swell guy like that. This Mods, is inappropriate. PEACE OUT
  5. That's hard to call, probably the panther seeing as how it is the predator. However... Chimps are extraordinarily intelligent, incredibly powerful, and rip peoples faces off. I just don't know! :confused:
  6. Not even a fight. Orca would eat a bullshark for breakfast.
  7. Gotta go with the polar bear over the lion... And god I just don't know about Salty vs Great White... I'm leaning towards the Great White, mainly because of superior maneuverability in the water.
  8. This card is bewildering. Like somebody said in another thread it's almost like a fan put it together... Maynard vs Edgar III... Kenflo vs Jose, Stan vs Sonnen, Guillard vs Lauzon, the rematch of Phan and Garcia, Demian Maia vs Jorge Santiago!?! Stephens vs Pettis.. Not to mention the Mongolian Wolf is fighting which is always a treat. This is easily the sickest card the UFC has put together in a long time and it's also going to be the first card I have bought in a long time. Just me, my buddy, a bottle of Scotch-Whiskey and the fights! Can't wait. :cool:
  9. haha yes Aldo is a million times more skilled than Lesnar no doubt. And an elephant would make mince meat of a rhino any day of the week! Better and more logical match up would be VS
  10. I completely agree with the bolded. They have been around for millions of years, they outlasted the dinosaurs. They very well might outlast us. They are beast creatures and true apex predators. But they have about as good a chance at taking on a big bull elephant as does Jose Aldo at taking on Brock!
  11. lol I thoroughly enjoyed that.
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