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  1. God's gonna cut you down, when I hear that song I know sh*t is about to go down.
  2. Panic_Switch

    Top 10 LHW

    goodness i dont even know where to start.
  3. Dana would keep lesnar and gsp even if they both lost 10 straight fights Dana also loves Lytle, Forrest, and Wanderlei. they wont be cut unless they lose like 5 straight fights.
  4. the worst decision ever was ninja vs rampage. rampage even said he should have lost that fight.
  5. everyone knows sherk won the first and dunham won the second. sherk was winning the second until dunham started with the flurries. he connected on some, but not enough to take the round imo.
  6. the second was close. but i gave it to sherk because he was winning the first 3+ minutes of the round before dunham finished strong.
  7. henderson vs bisping is my all time favorite. but james irvin vs terry martin was picture perfect.
  8. shogun and machida are obvious choices. maybe if rampage got in better shape. he looked real slow in his last fight. other fighters with chances are... rogerio - has the bjj and the boxing. griffin - picked him apart the first two rounds, but got lazy on the ground.
  9. sonnen has the perfect style to beat anderson, he's just reluctant to learn bjj and defend those subs. palharres has solid wrestling, he took hendo down in their fight. plus he has top level bjj to go with that.
  10. i think its a photoshoot for hightimes magazine. which explains the bong
  11. i dislike it when wrestlers have good striking,(gsp, rashad) yet still choose to take the fight to the ground every chance they get. i agree on you with chael, i like how he constantly tries to get better position on his opponent. he's one of the best at what he does.
  12. he tried finishing the fight every chance he got, constantly working to gain better position. He could have just LnP on silva for the last two minutes, but instead chose to continue punishing him.
  13. bisping is alll talk, the biggest name fighter he's recently beaten was kang. sonnen would punish bisping on the ground.
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