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  1. Chael had no problem getting past Silvas striking, and would have no problem doing the same to Belfort. Chael is an olympic caliber wrestler. No ones TDD is going to be enough.
  2. Sonnen. Silva looked terrible their first time, and I'd expect more of the same, with Sonnen being much more apprehensive as to what positions he puts himself in on the ground. I'm looking forward to more ear punches.
  3. Anywhere between 2:45 to 5:45 depending on what time zone you're in. http://www.facebook.com/UFC?sk=app_116056818485426
  4. That's where Juniors double leg was getting him. Yes, he can take down a dazed and bloodied Carwin in the 3rd round, but had the fight had more time, it looks like he would have been tapping or unconscious. One of the most common results from an amateurs attempt at a takedown is placing his neck wide open for the above. JDS should stick to his strengths. They're both great strikers, with Cain having a much better ground game. I'll give the edge to Velasquez.
  5. If Carwin does what he did to Mir, that's text book dirty boxing, not wall and stall. A brutal knockout is hardly a form of stalling. Carwin doesn't seem like the type to stall in any position, but you never know.
  6. Eh, he doesn't seem like anything to write home about. I could see a technical boxer picking him apart while he swings those wide outside strikes, or anyone with a solid wrestling game diving under them for a takedown.
  7. Setting off your own alarm? Bummer. So anyways...niether of them have ever failed any steroid test given to them. If they ever did do them, it was a long time ago, and any affects they ever had are long gone. The results of steroid use leave as fast as they come. I've seen it happen. Whatever condition they are in now is a product of their current training, and diet.
  8. JDS punched Nelson in the face for 3 rounds and didn't find a KO. I highly doubt he will against someone like Carwin, who brings a lot more to than table than a decent chin and gut to match. However, it's MMA. I'm definitely not counting it out. If Carwin does have trouble on his feet, he has a very solid wrestling and dirty boxing pedigree to fall back on. JDS does not.
  9. LT_Chaos

    Will JDS be expose?

    I see Carwin doing to JDS what he did to Mir. Roy Nelson could have done it if he had the size and strength. JDS' key is to keep distance, pick his shots, and hope Carwin wears down in the 2nd and 3rd. Although, a guy as skilled, strong, and big as Carwin is most likely going to put JDS where he wants him. It will be an interesting fight, but I believe Carwin brings more ways to win than Dos Santos.
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