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  1. I'm not from America but I have read a few books about seals and green berets and it seems the general consensus is the secret service are a bit of a joke. Not my words. Once again though everyone seems to think pro fighters would get killed in hand to hand against soldiers. Where do you think secret service and soldiers get their training from? Most of the time they pay good money for mma/boxing trainers to come out and run week long courses. ease off the action movies fellas
  2. I can only say from my experience, being an ex-servicemen. The MMA fighter wins easily, yes soldiers are trained to fight hand to hand but its certainly not that important. The most important thing is being proficient with your weapon. You are taught some things but it's not a requirement for soldiers to be proficient in hand to hand combat. Hell I only learnt how to use a pistol 3 years into my career. Keeping all that in mind an athlete that trains 3 times a day in just hand to hand combat is gonna be way better. Alot of guys in my regiment who we're keen to learn some form of self defence would usually train outside of the military. @ gabri1985, til your cousin to write a book about his experiences not enough good books on the SBS. By Strength and Guile!
  3. hmmm I don't think that many people hate Jones it's just that the people that hate him tend to make more noise then the people who do like him. for example if I ask co-workers, friends etc most people like him or are indifferent but, if I ask the internet its generally blind hatred. I fall into the indifferent category, he may come off big headed but I think that comes with confidence and being a world champ. In any case I've seen more disrespectful fighters than Jones.
  4. I think Overeem's losses had more to do with his weight than anything else and as for Silva I might be incorrect but I'm pretty sure Anderson Silva only lost once in Pride and that was the infamous heel hook, I think he also went into that fight injured. I get what your saying but I doubt a ring or cage has too much of an influence on the outcome of a fight. EDIT: ah he lost twice according to wiki
  5. yes gray was clearly using the plant face into mat technique to avoid punches and advance position, your fighter didnt win get over it.
  6. go frankie you are a legend! that is the end to a great story.
  7. Lets not all forget the alot of this stuff isn't just designed to cheat in sports, If a none fighter who had very low testosterone levels then some form of steroid is perfectly acceptable. I remember a kid at my school was on steroids becuase he had such low levels of testosterone he had respiratory problems and fell ill easily. So, If Nate was suffering from low levels of testosterone then there shouldn't be any problem with him taking something to reach the levels required for sport and still fall in line with medical comissions. He still screwed up though by taking TRT before the fight, he should have just proved his testosterone deficiency and then taken the treatment. After hearing Nate's story I think its absolute garbage he was cut, thiago silva I assume a perfectly healthy person took PEDs for no other reason then to perform better and then tried to hide it! yet he only gets suspended. Chael apparently was under the same therapy as Nate but didn't let the UFC know about it only gets suspended as well. Then poor old Nate according to the mma hour let the ufc know about his illness and updated multiple times before a fight stuffs up once and then BAM! he's cut. Dana sometimes you can act like a real f***ing child.
  8. dont know if anyone post if so apologies, just saw this on his twitter though check it out. http://twitter.com/#!/nathanmarquardt "I will personally be addressing all issues regarding my medicals, etc this Tuesday"
  9. judging by the votes aboves, if you had money on charlie tonight you'd be a happy man
  10. I tell you one thing looking at the replay again, if you were allowed to knee people whilst they are on their knees kongo would still be unconscious.
  11. I love it when they do these versus cards and they turn out way more awesome that an actual ufc event
  12. i know this is mma but a part of me wants these 2 punch and kick the living s**t out of each other. come on HD!
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