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  1. Delete this whole thread to please
  2. And plus the fight vid came from youtube. How is that property of zuffa when its property of youtube. I am lost
  3. I thought zuffa and ufc where connected to eachother
  4. Thats not my problem firthy
  5. Offensive language i tell ya
  6. It wnet something like this. All the ones who hated on Koschecks fights owe and apology. http://www.cagepotato.com/do-we-all-owe-josh-koscheck-apology
  7. http://www.cagepotato.com/do-we-all-owe-josh-koscheck-apology you will eat them words after reading this and owe Kos a apology
  8. What happen to my thread? There was no wrong doing but it got deleted
  9. No troll here but if you want to call me one you can its ur beliefs and i think its time to update them.
  10. Idk why there is a GSP mafia how can you represent a cheater like that. Says alot about the mafia.
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