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  1. to say rampage is a bad fighter is an unintelligent statement.he has beaten some of the very best and to say those wins are a fluke make you look silly. the only person to knock him out cold was wanderlei and it took like 20 knees to the dome. rampage imo is one of the more talented mma fighters n the game. he can wrestle, has heavy hands, and a great chin. i think if he would start utilizing his wrestling more and use the clinch like he did in pride he could be the champ again. though his last few fights havent been very impressive doesnt mean he's done. he got choked out by sakuraba which really there is no shame there he was a sub machine in his prime. and shogun didnt knock him out it was a tko he was very much conscious at he end of the fight. almost every single fighter has an excuse for their losses or bad fights. sometimes i wish the people on here would have to take an IQ test before they could post on her. i know its a discussion board but cheese and rice some people make themselves look stupid
  2. needless to say i was rather disappointed because i expected kenflo to perform better. he seemed to be getting the better of the standup but just like the sherk fight when he has someone bigger on top of him against the cage he has no answer. he was very cautious of the takedown and it affected him using his improved standup. i'd love to see kenflo get bak to the top and fight for a title again but like everyone else he needs to work on tdd and getting out of those bad situations. much respect to gray he did his thing.
  3. bj just couldn't figure frankie out once again. bj probably had a good gameplan but frankie made him fight his fight. bj was staying flat footed most of the time and couldn't string together combos at all. frankie was to fast for him. he seems to get beat mentally before he gets beat physically and it shows. his corner didn't really help much at all. call the other guy what you want but that isn't going to help your fighter. bj needs to refocus and train his mental game as well as physical game. frankie came out showed great hands great movement good wrestling and good bjj defense. bj came out ready to fight but frankie was the better man.
  4. hughes won his last fight against a top notch guy so don't quite agree with that. penns been beating the top contenders since his return to lightweight so he does keep up. frankie just seemed to have bj's number. liddell is past him prime. plain and simple even though i had him winning has last fight up until the ko. you cant expect to win when you drop your hands after you swing with a good striker. great fighter but there's only so many shots you can take before time catches up with you. and couture is older. in great shape and on a 3 fight win streak. i think brandon vera is a top guy when he's got his head straight. randy just made him fight his fight even though it was rather boring a win is a win. his other 2 wins are kinda gimme's but randy is still a competitor because his experience and conditioning.
  5. its a huge advantage because like you said he doesn't have to cut weight so it doesn't take away from his cardio or his speed. it also allows him to fight at the weight he trains so he's completely comfortable when he steps into the ring and doesn't have that thought in his head to affect him
  6. not boring at all. i don"t care for lnp much but that really wasn"t displayed tonight. edgar and maynard used wrestling to their advantage. frankie didn"t just lay on top of bj he slammed him and got to work. not to mention he had great bjj defense and was throwing hands and using good footwork. that fight wasn't boring at all as frankie really did mix everything up and keep bj off balance. maynard used his wrestling to get it to the ground and use some gnp he had a game plan and stuck to it. florian and gray were just respectful of each others strengths and seemed to wait for the other to make a mistake and that's what made the fight a bit slow. wrestling is boring when its used to just stall but the wrestlers stayed busy tonight and had intentions to finish but their fighting the best so that's alot easier said than done.
  7. to say that he is underrated is pretty much telling me you watched the primetime show on spike and havent seen him fight outside of the ufc. he is an excellent wrestler, has amazing slams, and has some of heaviest hands in mma. he doesnt train very well as he even admits most of the time, and ring rust played an obvious role in tonites loss i would say, saying that i take nothing away from Rashad's win he executed his game plan perfectly and got the dub. imo Ramapage is a better FIGHTER than Rashad, but Rashad is athletic and can execute gameplans.
  8. it seems to me that Pride fighters fought for well...mmmm not to be punny but Pride. UFC has its moments but at the end of the day they fight for the dub. not as entertaining, but i guess ya gotta do what ya gotta do. even if it means sacrificing a little dignity.
  9. so if a FIGHTER doesnt trade punches and just grapples wouldnt that make him a wrestler or bjj artist? and not a mixed martial artist? EPIC FAIL.
  10. nah not really. considering rampage has been the only undisputed lhw champ (other than machida but you can hardly call his "reign" undisputed) other than chuck in the past few years. shogun pwnd machida. fedor has beaten more top tens than your favorite ufc hw's. i like ufc and pride, but to say pride fighters arent good or are washed up is and unintelligent statement.
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