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  1. forget all those complicated training programs, you just need a little juice
  2. not really sure what you mean Been driving for the past 23 years of my life
  3. [/img] dosn't really drive that great on the highway, but its fun off road
  4. [[/img] not the best pic bit you get the idea
  5. I have a blue nose pit bull. 1.5 years old. she is great dog
  6. dude that young is gonna get gang raped for sure. it's no rumor bro. some dude tried me when i was atlanta penitentiary back in 92.
  7. 39,chief operating officer. national level competative bodybuilder. big time mma fan
  8. humidity for sure dude. sweating my balls off in ft lauderdale
  9. if he only had a dollar for every view
  10. when asked what was BEST in life...who said "To crush your enemies, have them driven before you and hear the lamentation of the women".
  11. oh magic 8 ball will i ever get a hand job from Gina Carano ??
  12. Doctor_Obviously , can you make a photo shop of a bum holding a will work for food sign and put kimbos head on it, and make it say something funny. thanks
  13. tuff man competition. perfect for the OP as a spectator and kimbo as a fighter.
  14. dude you can't seriously think brock is a better fighter. yes he won. yes he is the champ. yes he is a better wrestler and all around athlete. but a better fighter. no fecking way bro. even brock thought the ref was gonna stop it. why else would he say "i would like to thank the ref for not stopping it" i'm not saying it shoulda been stopped. obviously it was a good call by the ref because brock wasnt hurt that bad. but you know as well as anyone else on this forum that if that was any other fight it woulda got stopped. carwin punched himself out and got subbed because he was dead tired. no excuse, thats what happened. is brock a better fighter. no way dude
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