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  1. Yeah I see it now. F***! I got happy Lol
  2. Oh ****, wasn't even thinking about that.
  3. If he STARCHES Tony, he gets the utmost respect and legend status because Ferg is a BADASSSS!
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.essentiallysports.com/ufc-news-official-conor-mcgregor-agrees-to-fight-tony-ferguson-at-ufc-249/amp/
  5. Ok the Cowboy fight was BS, but THIS, really has me excited. If Conor beats Tony, we can put him in the legends category for sure.
  6. i hope my eyes deceived me, i will be so done
  7. They showed a quick shot of Paulo Costa sitting ringside. I was at a distance so I couldn't fully see. Someone please tell me this MF wasn't wearing lipstick. This would be more disturbing than Joanna's forehead
  8. Who knows what they're gonna say? All that matters right now is that you beg the OP to delete this thread to save your soul.
  9. If I do make a prediction, it won't be as ridiculous as you guys do it. Some of y'all seem to be asking for it when these grandiose predictions backfire in your face.
  10. Maybe you guys should stop making embarrassing predictions. You guys make predictions like you've already seen the fight and know the outcome before anyone else. The other guy said Colby would "punch a hole in his chest". What is that based on? Ridiculousness, and you see what happens. Now you gotta eat crow for weeks. Just STOP making embarrassing-like predictions. I DON'T DO THAT.
  11. I'm not claiming any victory, these posts are the most embarrassing calls in UFC history.
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