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  1. Rashad is more skilled, more well-rounded, much (MUCH) more intelligent, and overall a better fighter than Rampage. Rampage does have a puncher's chance of winning though. If he gets a lucky hit like he did against Liddell, Rashad will probably go down (though honestly the same goes for Rashad, he had a more impressive KO over Liddell imo). Other than the slight chance Rampage will land something that significant, it's all Rashad. I feel like most of these Rampage guys on here have only watched the Primetime specials, TUF, and the commercials for 114.
  2. Great article! It's all true, the sport needs to get back to how it was or I feel like it's going to get like you said and look like something from WWE or some other ridiculous thing.
  3. I would think someone representing our military would post something more civil, well-organized, or at least grammatically correct. You hear something that upsets you so naturally you come on here to complain about it. Yeah, the military life is hard, no doubt about it, but you need to remember - you volunteered for it. When you enlisted you knew exactly what you were getting into, you knew what you were getting your family into, and you signed away any sort of excuse for being there. All I see here is a guy who wants to be pitied while shoving in everyone's face he was in the military. You want to represent the military? Do it right. Posting ridiculous threads won't earn respect from anyone.
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