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  1. Ill be the goat for this one. Bravo13 Brewster and G-row. I wanna c who can ban me the fastest all three of you get in her at once and then go. ill say Fck so you have a reason. All in fun Who do you guys think is gonna win?
  2. Anderson one because cheal let him.
  3. Needs to happen. As much as i like GSP i think Anderson would take it. We all know GSP just lays there Anderson would more than likely get a sub in somewhere
  4. Wrong wrong wrong. Roy is a fcking fighter that can go 3 rounds swinging and taking hits. For his physic thats is pretty insane for someone to do.
  5. Another awesome ban that i like. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnHvGBdJ1BQ Medicate love it. List your fav song from these guys. I wanna know whats ur fav.
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