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  1. Fans/haters with no market/sales/business point of view make me LOL !! First of all, I hope I will watch Jones getting beat badly by someone (Im not his fan but I acknowledge his skills) someday. Now, what is wrong with him asking for DC instead folks ? Come one, there is nothing wrong with it, he is right ! Now, back to my first line ... you guys gotta understand UFC is an entertainment BUSINESS and UFC has made it pretty obvious they want Jones vs DC to happen ASAP because this will be a very interesting fight for UFCs pocket. Also, hate me for it, but I personally dont think Gus would be very successful in a rematch, thats all. Gus had his chance and let it for the judges. Gus will have another shot, dont worry. DC is the guy to beat Jones and I hope he gets that shot before Gus does. SORRY ! Im sorry brother but I think a rematch between Gus and Jones will get a lot more money in the bank then a fight versus DC
  2. there is one thing that Jones doesnt understand and will never understand, because he is immature and way too selfish, its the fact that US, the fans, pay is salary... if we wnat to see him fight Gus, like he should... thats the fight that should happen
  3. where can I see what Chael said on ufc tonight?!?!
  4. An other proof that those rankings are terrible, Sonnen just beasted Shogun less then 8 months ago and they rank him at 9, while Shogun is at 8... why is that?!?
  5. It is Randy by a mile! He won 5 different championships after beig 35!
  6. Bj is pretty much done, he is 35 years old, and few guys are capable of keeping up with the elite at that age, plus he lacks motivation and never shows up in great shape
  7. The only thing that makes me doubt, is taht PC is deep inside cormier's head... I have never seen cormier act like that before... well see on fight night
  8. Wanderlai knows it is too late for him to train TD defense but he is delusional if he thinks he will sweep or sub Sonnen.If was a 5 round fight Sonnen would tire by round 4 for sure then you can have a chance to sub him.Wandy has poor cardio if he exerts too much effort trying to get up he will gas badly.One flaw i believe Sonnen has is the same one GSP has,you could give him your back to stand up and not fear a RnC. The Chael before ufc 136, was not dangerous with subs, but now that he trains a lot more BJJ, he is becoming a threat on the ground, he subbed Stann and Shogun, threating Bisping with an RNC... So I think Sonnen might sub Silva pretty early in this fight.... arm triangle would be my guess
  9. http://www.mmafighting.com/2014/2/19/5423852/wanderlei-silva-chael-sonnen-trt-tuf-brazil-3-mma-news Sweep Chael Sonnen! Good luck!
  10. You know what realy surprised me... its that DC was on the defensive the whole time, its the first time I sees him acting like that, normally he is a happy go lucky guy, but he was def on the defense in that video, which to me probably means that he knows Cummins might take it to him.. we shall see on feb 22
  11. You can say whatever you want about Sonnen, but the guy has balls! he will fight anybody anytime anywhere! and its a fact! you cant denied that!
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