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  1. Juice and Stomp good to see you two are still kicking it. Shocked you changed your avatar from that big mouth Gary Busey you used to rock.
  2. Lol well I dont see that changing anytime soon. How you been man?
  3. Lol yep. That's WarWest for you. I remember you now. Yeah it was ultimatefightingchamp back in the day.
  4. That's sound like WarWest. Shame to lose Doc, his photoshops were stuff of legend.
  5. Shocked this account is still active. What's up fools. Who's still alive? WarWest? Has ClassicBoxer kicked the bucket yet? That old SOB! Doctor Obviously?
  6. Man that's great to hear. Congrads dude. Its good to be back.
  7. What up fool. So I upgraded from UncleTom to cracker huh? When that happen lol Nothing much man, how you doing sober.
  8. You know me, been makin' cash and tearin' ****. 4s and 5s would feel blessed for me to give them some action. How you been buddy.
  9. Yep stacking paper. Just in time for a tax break too lol. More like 9.5s Which Island you on?
  10. Just been working and slaying the ladies. Good to hear CB's old **** is still around. Wonder what he thinks of Conor vs Floyd. Sup Fobar how you been homie.
  11. Sup buddy. Been good dude. Hows the game going. Sober-WarWest-Fobar and the bunch. ClassicBoxer aint kick the bucket yet has he?
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