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  1. I as a Jones fan, sorry to say.......Jones lost that fight in my eyes. The only thing I could come up with as to why he didn't is because Jones evened up the takedown, Jones made Alexander bleed as well, & Jones had him rocked at one point in the fight. But to me, Alexander outstruck Jon clearly 3 rounds. I think Jones got lucky with that decision.
  2. How can you seriously not put Sanchez vs Guida in the poll... Fail THIS^
  3. No, I want hot ****es kicking each others asses not Jobba the Hut woman wheezing after 2 minutes. LMAO!! But that would be the funny part. Come on now... Two 250 lb women going at it in the prelims? That would be funny to watch.
  4. People like you elected a black president before you would even consider electing a female president. Go put on your ripped up wife beater and have a great day. GTFO with your feminist bull crap. Ummmm. GTFO with your sexist, chauvinistic, weak minded, hillbilly, 1950's bull crap. Mmmmmhmmmmmm? And have a great day LOL, why don't you get in contact with other major sports around the world and start telling them to include women in their main organisations. It's a fact that women just don't have the same natural ability at sports as men. Who watches women's soccer, women's nfl, wnba, women's baseball ect. They all have their own sideshow leagues so why should the ufc be any different, you honestly cant tell me you think ronda is on the same skill level as the other ufc champs. Ronda is not on the same level as male fighters BUT I haven't seen a women's fight yet that wasn't exciting to me.
  5. Acedaddy

    Faber vs Edgar ?

    Like it. I think Faber would win but it would still be a fight.
  6. Solid thread TS Flyweight: FleeJ vs Ian McCall Bantamweight: Michael McDonald vs Urijah Faber Featherweight: Aldo vs Lamas Lightweight: Sanchez vs Donald Cerrone Welterweight: Matt Brown vs Lawler Middleweight: Weidman vs Michael Bisping Light Heavyweight: Jones vs Glover Teixiera Heavyweight: Travis Browne vs Fabricio Werdum I like these. I would add Rashad Evans vs Chael Sonnen in LHW or MW either one.
  7. For s***s & giggles, would you like to see women's HEAVYWEIGHT?
  8. Last statement was spot on.Rogan - "Walk us through this finish on the big screen" Brazilian - "I just want to thank my trainers, my sponsors.." Haha, that's exactly the thing. I wish someday Rogan or some other journalist stands up to this and says "Ok, but you didn't answer my question. Here it is again: IN THE THIRD ROUND, DID YOU... [...] " OR ... cut him off & say " Forget it! You don't want to answer my questions, then this interview is over! " Then walk out! I would ROTFL.
  9. No! I was a big fan of Machida. He ko'd Thiago Silva, He ko'd Evans. In those days Machida would be a little offensive. But after Shogun ko'd him, I feel like he's another GSP after Matt Sera ruined him. He fights to not lose instead of fighting to win & that has added to his losses. Rashad 2 would be Rashad trying to take him down & Rashad getting the decision for showing more aggression. Machida was an exciting fighter at one time to me but now I think he's rather boring so his fights are boring watching one guy chase the other guy the whole time.
  10. Weidman. Before anything was said about Anderson Silva, I didn't see a soul on here mention his name. He beat Silva & I still don't buy into the hype. He will have to defend it twice for me to say he's gonna be at the top of the division for a long time. I think he won with a punchers chance & that didn't show me he was more skilled than the other fighters, only he is mentally stronger to not let Anderson make him feel like he doesn't belong in there with him.
  11. In 2014 Weidman will move up to 205 and destroy jones for the belt. Mark my words. LMAO........yeah right! First, Jones wouldn't screw around & get caught with his hands down. Second, Jones would completely & totally own Weidman in wrestling just as he has every other elite wrestler that he threw around like a ragdoll.
  12. He's got punching power & strength. His chin & skills have not impressed me at all.
  13. Nobody should be happy Shogun lost. He's one of the last true warriors left in the sport. I was more pissed we didnt get to see any of the Freddie Roach boxing Instead of the Freddie Roach Boxing, he should've been practicing defensive wrestling the whole time. Shogun is stupid in my book. He would've taken Sonnen in striking BEFORE the Freddie Roach lessons. But instead of working on wrestling defense & getting back to his feet, he works on striking to prepare for an ELITE wrestler????
  14. VITOR!! Please give Vitor a fight he's asking for so he might STFU!!!
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