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  1. Conker might come in and grab both gegard and jacare
  2. What do you mean they weren't legal? Weidcan didn't have 2 palms down , or even fists. Totally legal
  3. The jacare fight would be good considering its a rubber match. Big storyline there
  4. Could see this. The way Anderson has looked lately I'd like gegards odds there too. With Anderson these days he either gives you a KO or looks sometimes just bad. With moose's chin, I don't see Anderson knocking him out
  5. I think he'll get at least a 5 fight deal. Who do you think is his next fight? I say gegard vs Rockhold, winner gets spits for the belt. I'd take gegard in both of those fights myself
  6. He was getting worked on the feet that round. Gegard was finding his ranged. So Weidman tried to use the rules to his advantage and it cost him the fight. Probably saved him a KO though. And just like that....He was gone
  7. Gegard was going to KO him either way. Weidman was starting to get worked by gegards punches and knees
  8. Gegard was ko'ing wiedman either way.
  9. Gegard was starting to work Weidman with his jabs and punches. That fight was ending sooner or later. The right guy won.
  10. Gegard was getting his feet and punches going. That fight was going to see Weidman tko'd sooner or later
  11. Don't see any way barboza wins this. Gil is better everywhere in the cage
  12. They both do. 1,3,and 5 homie
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