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  1. Hah, I know what "I'm not impressed by yer berformance"
  2. What?! He didnt even jump on the ropes and try to taunt him in to jump kick him for the win?! Either way sweet sub Fickett is a beast
  3. Yeah I said it. Prangley still looks like crap Jardine will not make it back to the UFC Houston looked TERRIBLE in the first round Soko still needs to work on cardio. Daley seriously needs to get some TDD.
  4. I mean I'm not hating on Belfort, but I don't think he should get the shot yet. He is undeserving if ou ask me. But, hey alls well that ends well the UFC always puts on great fights unless Fitch is fighting haha so they keep putting them together and i'll keep watching them.
  5. Again why is Belfort getting a title shot in a Division he hasn't fought in? Because he fought Franklin? Franklin got tooled by Silva in both their fights and lost a decision to Hendo. And whose he beat since? Matt Hamill? Chuck Liddell?
  6. Greatest of all time? Hmm.......Well in terms of helping the sport, that spot would belong to Royce easily, but if we're talking about seer skill in translating into MMA it might be...... Hmm.. Hmm... Maia is pretty slick there is no doubt, Nog is good, but not the best, Fedor is good, but also not the best, Aoki is pretty monster..mmmmm WAIT I KNO! Brad Imes!!! That foo did 2 gogoplatas in a row. Clearly he's the best evar.
  7. I like this fight and I want Chael to win. On the other hand why do people keep saying Belfort should get the shot first anyway? Yes he fought and tko'ed Franklin at 195*, but he's only had 1 fight since being back in the UFC. That AND he's riding hype from damn near 10 years ago. Yes he does have great jits and striking, but c'mon on folks. He should fight a few more guys and if he dominates a top fighter at 185 (Marquardt, or hell even Okami) Then depending on how he wins he should be given a shot. Chael did lose that fight fair and square but, he was 2 minutes ago from taking it, and he got caught I mean it wasn't like Silva was like "Okay i've had enough let's finish this.......Ohhhhhhhhh that was easy." No, he tried that entire fight to 1) Control Sonnen. and 2) Submit him. The closest thing that comes to my mind was a kimura attempt in like round 2-3? And Sonnen was clearly defending it like your supposed to. Chael I think showed he had pretty good BBJ Defence in that fight even thought he got caught Silva worked that entire fight, throwing up the body triangle and trying to keep his posture under control which he was clearly not doing, other than when Chael was slapping his ears around. Either way I'm happy for the rematch and I'm glad Sonnen gets to get back in there and show everyone up...again.
  8. http://mmajunkie.com/news/20406/dana-white-chael-sonnen-rematch-up-next-for-ufc-champ-anderson-silva.mma Sweet. Chael by Tko
  9. It doesn't even matter if he looks like to took steroids or not. His name was on a list to receive them plain and simple. 100% confidence that he most likely took steriods whether he looks like it or not his name is on the bloody list unless it's a different Shane Carwin pro fighter
  10. Yeah Manny vs Mayweather will never happen Floyd will never take that fight. Another one I just thought of was Kenny vs Alvarez
  11. Epic. Hah It would be a fight of Islam vs Christianity!
  12. I'm talking about across all divisons and every promotion, the fights that you want to see and your outcome of what you'd think would happen. 1. B.J. Penn vs Eddie Alvarez: I think this would be a epic fight of two top lightweights, i'm sure Penn would win, but Eddie would really push a fast pace like he does in all his fights. 2. Alistar Overeem vs Shane Carwin: Both are huge strikers with KO power, would be a killer KO at the end of that one. I'm torn on this one I dunno who'd take it. 3. Hector Lombard vs Vitor Belfort: Another epic stand-up dream. I'd have Vitor for his speed. 4. Jake Shields(At 185) vs Damian Maia: It would'nt even be MMA haha it would be the finals in the absolute divison tournament in ADCC. Those are just some of the fights i'd do terrible things to see your thoughts and also your fights
  13. I will bury him where he stands hahahahaha ........he would too.
  14. Yeah I know and I love that. I've never had any of that stuff they did to me the other i.e. mounted me and just had punchs raining down on my face haha. I couldn't buck'em and I tried to escape my moving their left leg, but then a couple of them trapped it haha. I had one man in a inverse triangle and then an armbar, but then I just figured he was letting get him into those spots because he has a grappling tourament coming up and wanted to see if he could get out(he did) I'm just trying to get the muscle memory bit down. And my cardio up
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