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  1. Nate Diaz, Cole Miller, Anderson Silva (Because of his annoying fans ), Chris Leben, Mike Bisping and Nate Marquardt.
  2. I bet he's getting off to this. I will take Brookins in this. He is a work horse and will make the necessary improvements to more than likely win this with a UD.
  3. I'm pretty sure Chael Sonnen beat you up in high school and took your lunch money and gave you atomic wedgies with how much you hate him. From a realist point of view I see Sonnen taking down and winning a UD against Wandy. Wandy may have a black belt in BJJ but I haven't seen him use those skills in years... Plus Chael has never been KO'd
  4. Vernon "Tiger" White will be the next Light Heavyweight Champion! Am i cool yet?
  5. The most crucial part of that post was should. He didn't do nearly enough to win that fight. He did enough to win that third round that's it. The decision was correct.
  6. I have to post in a forum and take a screen shot of it it with a reply for part of my homework? So....who would win in a fight? Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny?
  7. lol reading through this thread all i got out of this is UFC 122 on paper is boring but "Could" be excited and Steven_McTowelie looking for someone to get in an argument with.
  8. Sounds like you didn't enjoy it. That's unfortunate. I enjoyed it
  9. I agree. I saw it in the movie theatre and people were cheering for him when he came out, and I was saying to my friend that I'm surprised people were cheering for him being that he's such a boring fighter. Then when he was LnPing people started booing.... Kampmann should have won that, he just respected Jake Shields' wrestling too much.
  10. lol anyone who's saying Sonnen is a pretender is simply a hater. Now Yes i am a fan but he would have been the champ if he didn't get get, which he did. But to go as far as saying he isn't a contender is false. Contenders: Belfort, Sonnen, Okami, Maynard, Jim Miller, Jones, Rashad Evans, Dos Santos, Carwin, Schaub Pretenders: Cote, Bisping, Hardy, Hathaway, Sherk, Mir (Less than impressive as of late), Kongo, Gonzaga
  11. Haven't been doing good lately, but in the long run it will pay off....you wait and see.
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