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  1. #6 I always wanted twins. But the twins in #2 were VERY tempting.
  2. Deadpool. He has the same view on Star Wars as I do.
  3. You know I really missed you shin. I'm sorry but I don't find a country led by a guy too young to buy a beer in my country very threatening. Seriously I have privates in my platoon with more military experience than he does and they expect him to lead an army? Kim Jong Il was a threat because he was a psycho. I don't know if his son is crazy yet so hopefully he'll keep his hand off the button and everyone can make nice again.
  4. GSP or Aldo. People have been arguing about GSP being P4P since he won his title. Aldo on the other hand has his explosiveness and speed that frankly scare the **** out of me. People eat that up. So in my mind GSP would be the P4P champ but its possible the media would give it to Aldo since he's more exciting.
  5. Brocks not gonna stand with him. He's only gonna stay on his feet for the amount of time it takes for him to set up the shot. This is no different from any other Lesnar fight. If he takes his opponent onto the ground he will turn Overeems face into hamburger meat. If he can't get him down he will take a ferocious beating.
  6. Would an Afghan women wearing a suicide vest and trying to blow up half our FOB count?
  7. Saku, Gomi, Okami I pray Minowaman will one day grace the octagon.
  8. My roommate is obsessed with that stuff. He said Black Lagoon and Hellsing.
  9. No wonder Haye lost. He was blinded by the awesomeness of the Great Destroyer of Souls. It's a miracle that Wlad did not see him and fall over out of fright.
  10. Take it from a military man. The hot hookers are all dudes.
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