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  1. Once i had an external hemmroid that i scratched until it bled so i poured alchohol on my butt hole. The pain was so intense that i couldnt bear it so i got a razor and mirror and cut it out. I ended up in the hospital with a steel rod up my hole and had to do a procedure called rapid an%al dilation to stretch the skin out enough so that it would heal instead of reopen when i pooped.
  2. Nice feedback You do triathlons? I do also, ill be doing greater gator Tri in gainesville in Nov.
  3. Yeh or a thread of how many fights he has decision wins could go for miles also.
  4. So hes not a legend and hes not elite and hes definatly not experienced in MMA.... Sounds like someone got finely groomed into contention. He did the work to be champ and he is definatly and athlete but ill never respect a guy who didnt pay his dues to get his title shot. Its much easier to get a championship belt when they just frontload you and give you an immediate title shot than it is to have worked your way up the ranks and fought for a title shot. Ahem Brock could learn alot from JDS
  5. Has anyone in the UFC ever had a shot for a championship belt with a 1-1 record? I mean like he only had 2 MMA fights and then got a shot ot the title? I dont know but it seems like you would have to prove yourself a fighter before getting a shot like that no? Is it an accepted thing that someone who has little or no fights get a shot at the title?
  6. I thought you were answering questions? I asked you "what do you think about Kang anD Akiyama now?" . You were dead wrong on both these guys and got into little bicker fights on the forums defending these 2 and they seem to have crumbled, actual they have crumbled. You talke lot of crap about Leben being a can and he beat Akiyama. You also still talk alot of crap about Bisping and he owned Kang. So basically...... What now? As far as Machida.....HELL YEH HE GOT OWNED BY SHOGUN TWICE LIKE A LIL BTCH. MACHIDA IS CRAP. Your a testament to posting before thinking. You glanced at my account name and though i was a fan of Machida and tried to use a smart remark but failed.http://forums.ufc.production.sparkart.net/showthread.php?t=54081
  7. Thats right i said it.Its all about where your from. WTF do you think Bj Penn's intro song and website is about? Brazilians always put the flag out and always speak nicely of the country and plug it. People relate to this and in case you havent checked we have over 100 self sufficient countries on this planet and it will always be like that as long as your alive. Take from it what you want, negative or positive. As for the Brown pride negative talk and the stupid remarks of "why is it wrong for a white guy to come in with white pride or a nazi symbol?"- Spanish pride cannot be attributed to genocide, ethnic cleansing, or just flat out claims that one race is better than the other. That stain was earned by the anglos and history doesnt forget your screw ups. It hasnt even been 20 years since the last Anglo/Arian ethnic cleansing war serbs/bosnians.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnic_cleansing . So yes, it is a bit difficult to come out with a nazi symbol or a bit hostile to have white pride because germans, Russians, Euros, and its decendants have commited atrocious acts throughout history on a massive level. Look at communist countries or military countries with spanish leaders and tell me when in time have they attempted intentional murder of part or all of a particular ethnic, religious, or national group. President Chavez, Fidel Castro,? What about Mexicans? See any mexicans killing thousands of religious people? Have Mexicans been killing the native Americans that have been settling on Mexican lands and outside borders after they were almost completely erradicated as a race? Hell even Saddam Hussien hadnt done anything like this and he fought for resources and power and kept his country stable until the proganda made everyone believe he was true evil.
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