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  1. that's even worse... so basically, don't stop punching, keep punching yourself out, and i'll just not stop the fight, and you'll be gassed, and our dear annointed one "brock" will be fresh and take complete advantage. of coarse shane wont make excuses, he's a stand up guy... and lesnar's begining to show some class, but now i have even more reason to blame the ref for the fight being dumped!
  2. thank you, i was begining to think no one could understand that. i thought that maybe i was the retard... now i can sleep. hah. btw, i love your tito quote in your sig, if that's a sign, i wonder which HW Chuck is thinking that about.
  3. now that was a good fight to watch...
  4. ok here's my main point... the pschology of a fighters actions can be dictated by a ref's actions. would carwin had punched himself out if, historically, refs let bouts continue til a tko is a ko? he may have paced himself accordingly... but, historically, if you throw enough punches, and, the other fighter doesn't intelligently defending himself (fetal position excluded), the fight is stopped. so yes, lesner won, but i question the way the ref called the fight (or lack thereof), it needs to be consistant b/c fighters make decisions based on it.
  5. that was the first thing i noticed, not the pupils, but the darting around of his eyes, b/c i was noticing how calm carwin was prefight, to me seemed unusually calm, b/c i don't think i could be that calm in that situation, then they showed lesner walking in (not only into the ring but in the building entry earlier as well) and his eyes were darting around like a deer in a pasture... i was thinking, that was the difference that was going to show in the fight... two different emotional states, a clear indicator that one was prepared and the other was nervous, it did show in the fight in round one, lesner was apprehensive, and carwin was... well carwin. of coarse all that's out the door in the second round, carwin was visibly gassed, and the rest was inevitable. now whether or not he was on something, that's not something i can comment on, i'm not an expert on drug behavior.
  6. This is true' date=' but, because they're professionals. There's nothing to really do, but to come back better, but, if they request for rematch, that is basically the camp protesting the decision. But I agree you, they wont complain, they'll probably take it in stride and do what all fighters do. Questionable...
  7. The ref screwed Carwin out of this win. Carwin undeniably won this fight, but the ref failed to realize what a TKO is. How many fights in the history of the UFC were stopped due to "failed to defend oneself"? how many fighters, received TKO's because some crappy **** love taps were thrown at an undazed opponent, and win the fight via TKO? Any fighter in any weight class would've wore themselves out throwing that many unanswered punches... so where was the TKO? failing to defend oneself, does not mean fall into a fetal position and do nothing, so what does Carwin do, keeps punching, what does the ref do? the same thing Lesner did... NOTHING! Carwin was robbed!!! Is Carwin the best HW? maybe not, but he definitely beat Lesner. If this is considered a legit win for Lesner, there should NEVER be another TKO, unless the recipient is dazed just short of a KO! and all the other wins due to TKO's that fit this discription should be reversed as well. Big country's contract should be revoked, due to pusyfoot punches resulting in a TKO. I just can't get over the fact that Carwin punched nearly four minutes of unanswered punches and no TKO! Of course he was tired, was that a mistake? IDK, based on the history of how fights are called, the only mistake was that the fight was not called via TKO. I wanna know how many fighters could throw that many punches and not be gassed? yeah, Lesner took it, I give a few for that, but no real skills observed, just take a beating, then submit a gassed out Carwin... I'm not impressed. at least not yet. Perhaps Dana is pushing for this redneck soap opera for the money side of things... hmm, Tito... oh yeah, f@#k pushing personallities, MMA sports, let the fighting do the talking and selling. on the upside, it looks like Lesner is learning some class. But, until he's had the humbling experience of working his way up to earning the title Champ, I'll never consider him one.
  8. lmao... now, what do we have to do to get bruce buffer to announce "brock the vanilla gorrilla" and the begining of the fight?!
  9. i agree, this guy needs to be pushed, and there are few who can actually do it... otherwise, we see his classless, and, needless displays of confidence. but, i'm not sure what he can do against such heavyweight opponents; not on a matter of skill, but of size and strength, however, if anyone could make it interesting, he could.
  10. lesner is a classless fighter, and has yet to defend the title, so calling him a champion is still premature... can you say "4 and 1"? a four win champion, lol, maybe in time i'll call him a champion, but not yet! his lack of class may suit the people of wwe, but, this is real world fighting, where class, maturity, respect, and sportsmanship mean a lot. i foresee lesner going 4 and 3, KO'd by carwin in the 1st rnd, then losing to mir by submission, or maybe carwin will tap lesners chin loose, and mir will win by KO as well... now that would be beautiful!!!
  11. haha, sorry it's late, i meant "all 12 fights in the first round and with ko's." and yes, notably 4 ko's. my focus was on comparing the two to their fight with mir.
  12. hmm, i don't recall brock KO'ing anyone, tko's aren't the same, of which he only has 2 tko's, he won one fight by decision, and we all know of his loss to mir. not a really impressive record, but without a doubt, he is a huge m^%# F&*@'r. now carwin on the other hand, has won all 12 of his fights by KO in the 1st round. to be fair, you can compare both their fights with mir. lesner's tko over mir, was somewhat questionable, mir wanted, and was physically able to continue (even though his face was begining to look like ground beef), but carwin's ko over mir, left mir minutes before he could walk straight. not to mention the Mir that carwin beat was a stronger, heavier, better, and more determined mir. so what is lesner really capable of doing to carwin? i don't see anything in favor for lesner but a lucky punch at best. but the fight really could go either way, but i don't like lesner, especially after his actions after his win over mir. so i hope that carwin taps that chin loose, then mir gets the redemption that he's been working for.
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