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    Cain v JDS 3

    I dont think JDS has a bad tank, i think his tank was fine he got it going again at the end of the fight, wasnt just winging his punches.... he got popped a beauty and was out on his feet for a good portion of the fight, his knees were still popping late in the third round. Thats just HW division, big guys, alot of power and fights hinged off a single big shot.... thats why everybody tunes in.
  2. Lets see if Cormier can cut first, he has that liver/kidney problem that means he cant cut for the fights, he will have to work his way down for it to be very close to his walk around weight. May take a while, he is a big boy.
  3. Overall I thought it was a pretty fair assesment of the fight. JDS went through alot of that fight out on his feet, and his legs didnt come back for a long time either. I watched alot of it dumbfounded why Cain didnt capitalise for the finnish, he had the back given to him alot or had Jnr up against the fence with his hands at his hips. It really was a fight based on power not skill, its hard to argue otherwise.
  4. must have missed the Miller/Louzon fight... sure not every fight was a barn-burner, but you definitely cannot talk down those 2 for not giving it all.
  5. I honestly think it will do him good... These fights were HWs doing what the big boys do, fights dictated by a single punch... was Cains night tonight. Jds should take alot of comfort that he took all the top of the pile could throw at him and wasnt finnished, he has had a career this far where he wasnt often in danger, he has been there now and and survived, not well but he did.
  6. Sums it up pretty well... Funny thing is Okamis striking isnt technically that bad either, but he goes about it with the same style as his wrestling, boring as bat turds and rarely with any venom.
  7. You must be on the turps, you usually are alot better than this... Cain opened the fight going for the swarming pressure, JDS just seemed calm maybe ****y pushing him off, bit of tag and run trying to change the tempo to something more suitable for him. He didnt seem scared, he was moving away to restet, not much help it did him lol, he was just trying to work Cain out of his blistering tempo.
  8. You must be trollin at the bold.... He got hit clean, had his bell rung good, ate the follow up and was still there to hear the decision. Both these fights were HW's doing what HW's do... at that weight and being top of the pile they all have KO power. Jds' lights went out temporarily, and took the best part of 10 mins to get his legs back neverlone his head, he ate everything Cain had to give him... being there at the end, thats called taking punches.
  9. Seriously, Cain got wrist-tapped on the ear and was counting sheep within seconds.... Jnr ate a beastly over-hand flush as, and was still there 20+ mins later. I dont get all this smack talk... Im a lighter weight fan, WW and down, so have no investment either way... But I thought Cain looked pretty ordinary, bar that one punch. Jds spent the best part of the fight poppin and lockin at the knees, and Cain had nothing else for him, his wrestling looked average, cardio no better, and couldnt put Jnr away even though the guy all but forgot to move or keep his hands up. It wasnt a lucky punch by any stretch, was on the button, though he was lcuky that it took Jds so long to pull it back together.
  10. Hope Pat makes it through this one, he is a likable character, generally puts in his all.... and am dying to see them draw him against Mark Hunt couldnt not turn into a war.
  11. Damarques Johnson vs Edgar Garcia love that fight... Diaz vs Sanchez and Newton vs Hughes 1 for the WTF moment. a quick list, but fights that I can watch repeatedly.
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