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  1. tab665

    Weighing in on GSP...

    thats a good way to keep them from scratching your furniture.
  2. tab665

    Nick Diaz vs GSP

    gsp has two areas which he is better than anyone else. takedowns, and takedown defense. therefore he can chose to keep it standing or on the ground depending on rather his average stand up or average ground game is better than his opponents. nick has a better ground game and better stand up, GSP is screwed.
  3. why is GSP getting props for fighting 2 rounds with an eye that didnt seem that bad. i was laughing nonstop as he dumped a bunch of water in his eye and proclaimed "i cannot see out of my left eye", only to hear greg jackson proclaim "there nothing wrong with your eye george". if GSP showed heart, then Koscheck must be a god amoung ants.
  4. correction: dana white declares winner of fitch vs penn in the number 1 contender unless fitch happens to be that winner.
  5. meathead seems like the kind of guy that when things get tough he rises to the occassion. unlike brock, who runs. and unilke mir, who gets KO'd.
  6. gsp is too soft to finish off other fighters. if dan hardy doesnt want to tapout, then just break his ****ing arm off.
  7. i want to see sonnen coach against bisping. it'd be funnier than wathcing a south parks greatest moments montage.
  8. i think dana will soon realize that GSP vs Shields is not a fight the fans want to see. there was a lot of talk at the postfight press conference about GSP moving up in weight. sonnen even called him out from the reporter section.
  9. why would we chose that as our avatar?
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