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  1. You are all just crazy, everyone that is still here just nut hugs each other to the point of sickness of making threads of who is the best poster and HOF inductions. this is a ****ing website and a ****ing forum, it's not a sport and your not anything special for posting half a million times. If anything it makes you a ****ing douchbag. Goodbye.
  2. Jennifer Lopez on all fours ?
  3. Nice .. lucky you. Carlin was a brilliant comic As is Rock .. both bring very distinct elements to comedy and both are hilarious, that' why i shared this video. Race should have nothing to do with being attacking but it should be about humor, it should be about being funny and making people laugh despite what color they are. Both of them did that.
  4. He can say whatever the hell he wants to say, it's a free country. You going to tell him otherwise?
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