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  1. Well realistically the card should be cancelled seeing as how everyone close to Jacare should isolate but not complaining
  2. This is gonna send Dana to the emergency room too LMAO
  3. On behalf of Canadians we respectfully decline your offer
  4. I’m praying Cruz wins.
  5. King_Can

    UFC Island

    It’s happening on tribal land in California
  6. Dana said it’s happening on a private island and there will be fights every weekend lmao scruge mcCuck
  7. If this is real he lost a fan Fight me next year ? **** off
  8. House arrest during a global wide quarantine while the dood lives in a mansion as it is thats a **** slap to the face of justice
  9. They should take all the main events and put them on ufc 249. Make a non watered down card for once
  10. Man this was my easiest troll yet
  11. All this over a common chest cold lmao
  12. King_Can

    BJ Penn KO'd again.

    What’s his record against field sobriety tests these days ?
  13. Don’t worry his rap career is going to save him
  14. Gsp is prolly still p4p #1 we just aren’t aware of it
  15. GDR at the what the **** weight
  16. Cowboy is gonna rag doll this man in honour of all old men that like to drink at bars
  17. Making this fight at welterweight is a HUGE mistake for Conor cowboy finna toss that Irish Manlet all 50 FT this will be the last fight of his career
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