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  1. Link as he has been doing in the past, can this guy get suspended already
  2. actually i found it.. here is the link
  3. check this article, and watch the video links in it... very funny morale of the story... dont make some retarded post on youtube trying to be tough, with a youtube username that is the same as your real name Jessi Slaughter - GETS PWN3D
  4. actually come to think of it, scariest fighter....also funniest was leben and rashad's knocked out state:
  5. I'd say Melvin Manhoef, watching his entrance, i'd be worried about him pulling off my trunks and attempting rape although after this last fight I might be able to refuse his attempts
  6. and ya...i did it with an online photo editor so i dont want to hear about quality as for the pic... because eventually........he does it to everyone
  7. yes, and he'd get a ankle lock on brock to make him tap in 3seconds
  8. true, they both have over 30 fights each against many well known people like i mean....it's no 5 fights but....you got to at least give them both credit now i see why lesnar is no bob sapp. he's fought (I count) 10 well knowns (even though lost most), compared to lesnars 4 now i agree lesnar is no bob sapp bob sapp doesn't fear fights he could lose
  9. you misunderstood my post i'm getting at muscle restrictions, and muscle memory, not that i'm building up carwin or anything, but instead i'd say he trained lifting weights and boxing mainly...seeing as how thats his main gameplan, which works so far
  10. brock made randy cry, now randy goes to train and see what brock is doing brock and randy are friends, and maybe even boyfriends randy likes brock because he reminds him of bob sapp, and brock likes randy because he cried due to him, that is how this all started thread...is....legit
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