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  1. no she was a huge leonard garcia fan and that reaction was right after the korean zombie did the twister on him the guy in the white hat is saying "im going to go find him and give him a hug"

    New lhw rankings!!

    in reality,shogun rua, rashad evans, rampage, machida and forrest griffin are all even because forrest grifin beat rua and rampage, machida knocked out rashad and lost a close decision to rampage, so they all beat eachother there all really even, u cant say rashad is truly number 2 since machida knocked him out, u cant say rampage is truly number 3 when rua and forrest griffin beat him so there even
  3. actually its not true at all, i dont even remember gsp's fight ever going to the ground last fight as well
  4. lil nog had great takedown defense working with him, i think hardy needs some good takedown defense training

    Poor Dan Hardy

    lol hardy was complaining about fighters laying on top, he thought rumble was going to stand with him
  6. wth lil nog 100% won the first round how was that a 30-27 so if lil nog won the 3rd he still would of loss, lol there would of been big time contraversy if that happen. maybe it best davis won the 3rd because i would of been p*ssed
  7. lil nog no doubt won the 1st, 2nd he was dominating until lat 90 seconds so judges might go either way for 2nd
  8. i hope he wasn't a cornerman for jon madsen, the guy kept begging the dr to stop the fight because of the eye, at first the dr said it was good to fight but this guy kept begging the dr to stop it to the point the dr gave in and stopped it
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