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  1. oh snap how the hell did that happen. My clique ID just overwrited my forum ID for some reason.
  2. More like amusing myself via laughter at unfortunate haters who can't catch a break.
  3. Thats right... Brock is close to making history. Hall of fame talk may already be in order this early in his career. Actually it depends on how many fights in a row you think he has won since becomming the HW champ. Here is a list of the UFC beltholders and their subsequent DEMISE. Like the Madden Curse, the UFC HW belt comes with many tears. Take a look. The UFC HW Curse: Many years ago it started and it continues to this day. When the UFC first decided there would be a belt, Mark Coleman was the first. Mark Coleman won the belt and then lost it to Maurice Smith in his first defense. (after a year off he was kicked in the face by Pete Williams and KO'd bad) Title run: 0 successful defenses Maurice Smith won the belt from Coleman and then KOd a young Tank Abbot in his first defense. He then lost his second defense to Randy Couture in a controversial split decision. (then he lost to Randleman by decision, beat Ruas and went to Pride) Title Run: 1 successful defense Randy Couture won the belt via split decision and was stripped of the title about 45 days after the match due to a contract dispute. Title Run: Never defended Bas Rutten next won a match against Randleman for the vacated belt. He then vacated the belt to drop down to LHW and sadly tore his bicpep muscle and blew out his knee. Title Run: Never defended Kevin Randleman wins the vacated belt against Pete Williams. He defends the belt succesfully against Pedro Rizzo and then loses the belt to Randy Couture by TKO. After that he dropped to LHW and was KO'd by Liddell, beat Bobalu by decision and left the UFC. Title Run: 1 successful defense Randy Couture fought a classic battle against Pedro Rizzo which ended in a decision for Randy, but it was very close. So close that the UFC had an immediate rematch in which Randy beat Rizzo bu TKO. Next up was Josh Barnett who TKO'd Randy in 2 rounds. Title Run: 2 successful defenses Josh Barnett tested positive for Roids and was stripped of the HW belt and never again fought in the UFC. Title run: Never defended Ricco Rodriguez fought Couture for the vacant belt and not only won the fight but broke Coutures orbital in the process forcing Couture to tapout. Ricco was KO'd in his first title defense by Tim Sylvia in 1 round. After that he was sent to Pride to fight Big Nog and lost a decision, came back and was beat by Rizzo on an undercard and was gone from the UFC Title run: 0 defenses Tim Sylvia fought Gan McGee and beat him impressively by KO. Sadly Tim tested positive for steroids and was stripped of the belt. Title run: 1 successful defense Frank Mir next won the belt by snapping Sylvias arm for the vacant title. Frank was then in a horrible accident that would sideline him for 2 years. Title run: 0 defenses Andre Arvlovski fought Tim Sylvia for the interum HW belt. He then defeated Justin Ailers and KOd Paul Buentello in 15 seconds. In his third attempt to defend he was KO'd by Tim sylvia. Title run: 2 successful defenses Tim Sylvia defended the title in a rematch against Arvlovski and won a boring UD. Next was Monson by UD. Then Couture came out of retirement as a LHW and beat the hell out of Sylvia and took the belt. After Couture Sylvia bored the entire MMA community with a UD against a small HW Vera. The UFC then allowed big Nog to crush Sylvia for the interum title and the UFC sent him packing. Title run: 2 successful (boring) wins Randy Couture defended the belt against Gabriel Gonzaga and won by TKO breaking his arm in the process. He then got into a nasty lawsuit with the UFC and remained the HW champ but could not defend it. Title run: 1 successful defense Big Nog won the interum title by choking out Tim Sylvia and then coached TUF against Mir. Nog fought and was KOd for the first time in his carreer by Frank Mir. Reportedly Nog was suffering from a bout of staff that landed him in the hospital days before the fight. Title run: 0 successful defenses Brock Lesnar won the HW title by KOing Randy couture in his first fight back after his legal battle. This set up the second fight against Mir to unify the belt. Frank Mir beat Big Nog for the interum title and next faced Lesnar for the unification bout. Brock Lesnar KO'd Mir in 2 rounds to become the recognized HW UFC champion. Lesnar was scheduled to fight Shane Carwin and was hospitalized with a bad enough condition to require surgery. Bad omen? Mean while Shan Carwin wins yet another "interim" belt in an absolute beat down of Frank Mir. Lesnar came back to fight for his belt and another belt that really isnt a belt...He beats Shane Carwin only after taking an **** whipping in the first round and coming very close to his first loss. Title run: 0 or 1 or 2 defenses depending on how you look at it. Summation: You will either defend 2X OR be injured BADLY and never defend your belt OR you will end up in a lawsuit OR you will test positive for roids or etc....Curse indeed! I have Lesnar on a 2 fight belt streak...uh oh! 3 makes him the longest reigning HW in UFC history...but... But all of the above and add that he is on the cover of the game...Cain may take the belt. __________________
  4. There's no way in hell Cain can stop Lesnar if Carwin can't do it with 76 straight punches. Brock will steamroll JDS who has no wrestling at all and a terrible groundgame. That fight wouldnt even be competive.
  5. Brock dominated the second round so the ref made the right call. If Lesnar was done in the first he would have lost... not gotten up at the end of the round and dominated the second. Simple as that.
  6. Doesn't really matter if you hate him, he's officially the worlds #1 HW, go hate somewhere else.
  7. Because he didn't get subbed by UFC reject in 69 seconds and he beat the #1 contender in the world?
  8. The coronation Lesnar (aka Fedor 3.0) is the new Emperor of MMA
  9. Yeah man cuz Akiyama is the one with the punching power not Carwin!
  10. Crying Fedor fans + haters = Fraters Lesnar Undisputed #1 HW in the world at all major rankings.
  11. Who else can take 76 straight punches from Shane Carwin and not only remain conscious but win?
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