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  1. how did waterson not go for the foot stomps in the fifth? have we just the missed chance for the first foot stomp finish?
  2. *Haze*

    Cain still in denial

    Denial in that he is still not acknowleding the uppercut as the damaging punch. He gets brushed on the back of the head as Ngannou brings his arm back after missing his shot, pretty sure that's not what did it
  3. *Haze*

    Cain still in denial

    Rewatched the fight at quarter speed and he looks fine till that shovel uppercut in tight What are him and his corner seeing?
  4. at heavyweight please Even better in a Kos/Mir/****hold triple tag team handicap match, elimantion by KO only
  5. Till needs to work on his boxing defence to get the win. His whole 'hold your arms/hands out' style is not working for him. Too used to the big gloves in kickboxing? Don't know but his defensive style seems to leave holes far too big for the tiny mma knuckle protectors. Mas had little trouble getting through to the chin and i see much the same for Fats if Till doesn't sort it out. That being said, Till for the win!
  6. Big fight at the weekend. Who takes it?
  7. *Haze*

    Traffic Jam At The Top

    After what Sandhagen just did to Assuncao he should get the nod
  8. *Haze*

    Stipe vs Jones

    nope. And it was Jones' defence that bust it. Santos over cooked a leg kick for a target that wasn't there, tried to pull it and ****ed himself
  9. *Haze*

    Stipe vs Jones

    good man, struggled to find round by round break down
  10. Maybe, was watching at 4am but still feel Costa won early R2, Romero finished R2 stronger Also, please don't 'buddy' me with your condescending ****
  11. Also, AP (who has just gone up in my estimation) has the same take as me on this ish start 2:00
  12. *Haze*

    Stipe vs Jones

    For real? I watched the fight recently as well. At no point did I feel it looked like DC had the upper hand? **** myself a bit when JJ's mouthpiece flew out but he ate those no probs
  13. *Haze*

    Stipe vs Jones

    @juice64011 it would appear we have distinctly different takes on JJ I've got him as the goatliest of all goats
  14. *Haze*

    Stipe vs Jones

    He's never been caught clean though brah... Also, don't want beef with you, you're one of the posters I like... Just stating my feels... you get me!
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