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  1. Pengu

    UFC releases Frank Mir

    no point really in keeping him Let him go make some money else where. Good decision by the UFC
  2. Silva could of had done it easily if he were to fight Shogun back when he was champion...
  3. Any news on when the game will be launched
  4. 90% of the heavyweight division should retire since they would all lose to werdum by submission
  5. Pengu

    Erick Silva!

    I want to see him fight another wrestler.
  6. Pengu

    Verbal Sub My Ass

    Another failed guillotine attempt...dude needs to go to marcelo's and get that sharpened. ARHHH gonna go training tonight and choke everyone with guillotines!
  7. Pengu

    Verbal Sub My Ass

    Bull crap call imo, didn't hear a verbal tap out... Cuz there was not one....I mean we can hear some **** fan outside the ring saying stupid **** but we cant hear what the fighters are saying when the Mic is closer to them Crappy stoppage Didn't mario do this before, stop a fight when there was no tap or verbal submission...he just said he knows when an armlock is on...
  8. Anyone have this gi? Any good for training?
  9. Pengu

    Verbal Sub My Ass

    Bull crap call imo, didn't hear a verbal tap out...
  10. Read it was illegal under the unified MMA rules to throw in the towel...
  11. How else do you fight Mir? People don't seem to be complaining about the Carwin fight-similar game plan but Carwin had the power/size to finish him. DC was handling a guy who was 20lbs heavier than him in the clinch-amazing stuff. If clinch fighting works-then stick with it, don't change because Mir has the chance to catch DC standing and on the ground we all know that's Mir's world.
  12. Pengu

    Prime BJ vs. Bendo

    Penn- in his prime he was fighting everyone and doing well against MW/WWs
  13. Diaz has better cardio, he can go 6 rounds if you count the post fight brawl. LOl this
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