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  1. Again' date=' you didn't watch the fight. Same reason as the first response. Blind fanboys So you joined the UFC forum to complain and tell us you're not buying anymore fights? Are you Nick Diaz? If you have watched more than this fight then you would know that Condit has finished 26 of 33 fights.
  2. Diaz came to taunt, as always. Should've focused more on fighting.
  3. Oh yeah, you are completely right. I mean a guy obviously plays it safe with 26 of 28 wins being finishes. Seriously guy, keep dumb crap like that to yourself.
  4. He probably could submit some LHW's and HW's with a leg hook (after all, he rarely uses anything else in the Octagon because it is so effective), but the problem lies in the what if he can't get their leg? We saw in the Nate fight that if he couldn't get the leg or even thinks the guy is greasing he loses his focus. You can't do that in the UFC.
  5. Tell him to bring it on. I want to get the fanboys input on this. I need them to explain to me how everyone is ducking Palhares when they don't get asked to fight him and Palhares is ducking nobody when he is asked to fight Maia and turns it down. Blind favoritism? I think so.
  6. Thank you sir. It appears you didn't get any of what I said. Sarcasm was too well done for you to understand apparently. You see, I made this thread in response to all the threads saying this fighter and that fighter is scared/ducking/ blah blah blah Palhares because he would rip their legs off. The difference is that Palhares was actually offered the fight and turned it down whereas the other fighters "ducking/scared/blah blah blah" were never offered a fight against him. In conclusion, no i do not think he is scared of Maia nor do I think fighters are scared of him except for the fact that he can't seem to understand when he needs to let go of a submission. The "this person is ducking or scared of that person" is all stupid. Get it now or do I need to explain it better?
  7. I don't think you're serious, but if you are I highly doubt Jones can drop another 20 pounds.
  8. He is good at leg locks. His standup is decent. If he doesn't improve in his stand-up then he will be like all the other 1 trick ponies. If Palhares can't take the guy down then he will lose. He won't be champion this year and probably won't get a title shot this year considering it will be June when Silva/Sonnen fight. Enters the man who can't read the previous 5 posts.
  9. Of course there is nothing wrong with turning down a fight on short notice. My personal opinion is that he would've beat Maia that fight considering Maia looked like crap. However, with all his fanboys on this forum I haven't seen anything from them about this when supposedly everyone is ducking him even if they weren't offered to fight him.
  10. Leban took a fight 2 weeks after winning a fight. Most consider him an average fighter while many on here consider Palhares to be the MW champ by the years end. I'm simply saying, that according to the fanboys here, Palhares should've stepped up and ripped Maia's leg off like he would do to the other guys in the top 10.
  11. That depends. Will this year be the year you learn how to spell or at least proof read your post so you don't look like an idiot?
  12. It seems the almighty Palhares is scared of Maia since he was offered the fight this past weekend. I can't believe this. He is supposed to be unbeatable and he won't accept an offer to fight a top 10 middleweight.
  13. Because having low testosterone levels is a major problem for men and especially wrestlers. My friend has to go through TRT therapy and he has never touched steroids. My question is how can you talk crap about someone who has an illness or maybe you'd love having low testosterone levels and having it released to the world? Yeah, you will pick up the ladies after that right?
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