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  1. He won, fair enough. I am no **** of Shogun but Jones is such a ****y person. Be tee dubs was I the only one to lol at the lesbian looking chick with cargo pants on behind jones in his interview with Rogan LOLOLOL
  2. I mean seriously come on. Jones hasn't fought any top guys yet but suddenly he gets a title shot after beating a guy whos best win comes in the form of Lil Nog. Sure Bader was mid-upper field fighter but you need to put Jones against at least one top contender not just a 40 year old well out of prime Matyushenko. This premature title shot will be the downfall of Jones, you can't jump every decent fighter in the division and expect to be able to handle Shogun.
  3. Ronnie wins, his record is impressive for a newcomer. 1 KO, 1 TKO and no loses, new UFC prospect?
  4. He looks completely different now and it is all empty muscle, stop making yourself look stupid there are way stronger guys. you don't have to be huge to be strong, in fact its quite the opposite. and btw strength is related to bodyweight ratio so if you get a 100 pound guy benching 200 pounds and you get 280 pound lesnar benching 400 pounds the 100 pound guy is stronger, it would make Lesnar more powerful.
  5. Are we forgeting about Palhares? that guy is literally a tree stump. LW: Maynard - he gets so heavy between fights WW: Alves/GSP/Hughes or maybe even Phil Baroni MW: Palhares/Lombard - They are tanks. LHW: Davis/Rampage HW: Carwin/Barry
  6. Yeah I agree. I had Maynard winning round one 10-7 and Frankie winning the rest 10-9.
  7. Blaahhhhh a draw????? Fkakfrsdgsdgskdgskd I had Edgar winning. Maynard won the first 10-7 but Frankie won the rest 10-9 BTW wtf is up with Frankie's chin??? It gets harder everytime you hit him D:
  8. bullseye_brosif

    Who won?

    Edgar unless the judges are da stoopid. I got Gray 10-7 in first round but frankie won the rest 10-9
  9. Sure, maybe Chris Leban from 3 months ago
  10. I saw him use a health pack in between round 1 and 2.
  11. Height - 5'11 Weight - Almost 155 Max - Arounf 185 (Don't be mean, I'm da weak - only started benching a few months ago D:)
  12. Frankie has heart. If he wins I will come out of the closet. LOLOL
  13. DUDE MY FRIEND HAS THAT BONG! But its green.
  14. Common American ignorance. Even America was a place the UK sent prisoners, get an education man.
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