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  1. Used to be. Not anymore. Sky Sports bought the rights to it this time. Pretty **** cause it means havin to subscribe again to that.
  2. Alright, Just wondering, a seen today that Sky Sports are going to be showing TUF 12. A take it its just TUF they've got the rights to and not the actual Live UFC events? Asking cause I subscribe to ESPN for the UFC, a dont subscribe to Sky Sports. Any info appreciated
  3. Think the point Jordy is making Taisabaki is that we'd like to see a big star head lining (a possible x champ or possible number 1 contender). We actually have to subscribe to ESPN for a monthly fee, its not a free channel over here. Also have to stay up to 5 in the morn to see the main events. I'd rather be able to order the fight on PPV and watch it at a normal time than have to stay up the whole night waiting for the fights to start.
  4. Agree with what your saying Random_dude
  5. That wasn't the question Kable. You not got an opinion on it?
  6. Been thinking about this for a while and after reading a few comments on the forum I thought I'd put the question out there. I'm a huge Couture fan so not trying to put him down in any way. Seen people saying that if he wins another fight then he should be getting ready for a title shot. Randy is an amazin fighter but I dont think he is anywhere near a top 5 LH. Feel he gets title fights because of his name and not through putting together several convincing wins. Example would be him losing to Chuck at LH then getting a shot at the HW title when he came out of retirement. If you look at his record he's not strung together more than 2 wins in a row since around 2001. Again not trying to slate him just wondering if anyone else has thought this.
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