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  1. king_cillo


    Didn't Iverson go over to Israel when he could not get a contract? Fighters could still fight in other places.
  2. What if Antonio Silva's sample got mixed up with Overeem's? Weirder **** has happened with Commisions
  3. Fixing a fight would mean a finish. You think Showman took money to say his leg got missed up?
  4. king_cillo

    146 Solved....

    Build up SDR. Don't you guys understand how to promote? Everybody needs highlights.
  5. Look at how the media took care of Tiger's mistresses.
  6. I brought this up in a previous thread and everybody thought I was a troll. Look up Jenny Freidman https://twitter.com/#!/JennyFriedman1 .
  7. Fedor is the better grappler. His size is his only disadvantage.
  8. If Fedor sucks why is he mentioned when Antonio Silva and Werdum records are displayed? If Fedor is a can what separates Silva Werdum and Hunt?
  9. Carwin is a power puncher that gasses fast. Fedor won the first round of the Bigfoot fight. He was winning versus Hendo and Werdum until he got too aggressive. Anybody that says Vera can beat Fedor is a troll.
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