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  1. Oh most definitely I agree with you that we should still feel bad, because no one deserves to get beat up if they didn't do anything, I guess arguing the other side kind of made it seem that I didn't feel bad but I really really do, it's atrocious what he did. And hahaha in 5,000+ posts and 4 years on this forum 12er is still one of the only guys that I remember where we can have differing viewpoints and still argue our points without a single you mad gif.. respect brotha
  2. That's just not true man, the blame falls squarely on War Machine and that is why he is being hunted down as we speak. But the fact that she got mixed up with a guy who said 5 years ago that when he "was ready to die, I would kill a lot of people and then myself" doesn't give her any sense of unease, then I don't know what to tell her. Deciding what to wear out tonight vs. dating a bonafide psychopath is not equatable... Also, that drunk driving example needs fixing, because that kind of thinking goes with the "she shouldn't have dressed like that" stance. A better example for what I'm trying to say is piling into a car where everyone is stinking drunk: in that scenario, I hope people know that they made that decision. And lest it be forgotten... it's still a tragedy if anyone has to die on the road.
  3. I signed in to say that this is completely, absolutely, positively NOT what he said, and that you are using an otherwise incredibly serious issue associated with rape to try and discredit his argument. the fact that this man is a POS scumbag who has a long history of being insane should have set red flags off in Christy Mack's immediately and, in all honesty, she SHOULD have known better. Not how she acts or has acted, but how HE has acted. It is not at all related to "how she was dressed" argument.
  4. Falling... and I feel that goes for a lot of people that say they are scared of heights as well. I can be 25,000 feet in the air in a plane and be dandy, but put me 25 feet up on a cliff and I lose my ****. I think it is more common than the actual fear of being high up.
  5. that would be me raking sco & caussisuckso, .. I do remember legopork, that was alpha's byatch... Patsta's haulin' wood for the Immortal - Ah yes Sco, man I never quite hated anyone on here as much as him after he created a fake account and ruined that New Years Japan event with Overeem like 2 years ago haha, I was so angry about that I miss @AUSMMA‌, I wonder where he went No one remembers me damn it's been a while guys, how is it going? Sup Dooooooooooooooooods warwestttttt, still rustling jimmies of the unsuspectin folk around here? I wish I came back here when GSP retired to see your reaction haha No one remembers me damn it's been a while guys, how is it going? @serb @Junglebird‌ PATSTER my dude, p4p one of the best posters, still remember trying to convince some goon that my, your and Carnages account was controlled by the same basement-dweller. how you've been brah? and sidenote I'm in Brazil for 7 months guys and I will eventually track down Anderson Silva, no worries
  6. No one remembers me damn it's been a while guys, how is it going? ... serbro, I remember - bezerker, good man, remember you hilariously owning a poster here on the regular, might have been legopig where my **** PATSTER at???
  7. No one remembers me damn it's been a while guys, how is it going?
  8. Definitely Penn, or dark horse Rolles Gracie.
  9. It's been a long time since I've posted, but I had to: Roger Bowling is a ****! Was completely fine but he faked it, then got mad when he didn't get the DQ win, that ****.
  10. if only he got that guillotine 20 seconds earlier....
  11. Getting nervous with Anderson's fight closing in, if he loses my butthurt would be immense i'd probably cry
  12. Roger throwing knees in the clinch, you'd think he surgically replaced his kneecaps with pillows =)) still would like to see him get that sub though
  13. this card has been great throughout so far
  14. wow great wrestling, but good luck to cecil peoples or adelaide byrd scoring that round lol
  15. throw was dirty af, but lets go siver fever!
  16. Nick "The Promise" Ring because I promise you, he's gay
  17. Jon Jones vs Shogun "Ryan Bader is one thing, but Shogun is on a whole other level" "After knocking out Machida, Shogun is back to his consistent form" "Shogun submitted Kevin Randleman, his jiu jitsu is world class" =))
  18. change mine to rickson gracie actually
  19. karelin's called medved for a reason, means bear in slavic languages, dude is a freaking tank
  20. well microsoft already had to disable comments on their youtube channel and go full retard with damage control now thousands of users are flooding their facebook xbox feed comment section with ascii middle fingers. eventually microsoft is going to have to go full nazi with all their censorship and crowd control and just remove the comment options altogether Xbox has literally united the entire gaming world. All you need is a threat big enough to unite people in retaliation, the enemy of my enemy and all that. https://www.facebook.com/xbox At the rate this is going, they will have to disallow all comments in every media outlet they have, like they did with their youtube account. ....................../´¯/) ....................,/¯../ .................../..../ ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸ ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') .........\.................'...../ ..........''...\.......... _.·´ ............\..............( ..............\.............\... people hardcore trolling Microsoft on that page lol
  21. Good for him...it's sad these days that many men can't even lift that weight once lo I hope I'm that good at that age...if I make it that far I bet that's more then he weighs as well...even more impressive that a man that old can lift more then his weight...which I think is the line you have to cross to even be gain to be called strong Fattes who weigh 350 and up who bench like 280 is laughable to me...and we all know there is a lot of them out there cool story bro you should tell it at parties
  22. Some of the Sony boys are such hypocrites it's crazy. Oh xbox doesn't have it's policies set in stone, how can you release an incomplete system? PS4 has the ability for cloud gaming but it isn't ready to be used so that is an incomplete system. IDYB constantly talks about a rape joke and how bad it is but constantly jokes about ****ing dead people. Get over a joke. As I said before, the PS4 looks like the better system for most people and will sell more systems. At the same time Microsoft will sell millions of the XB Ones and I'm sure that the owners of both products will be happy. I have no idea why Microsoft would make a system that millions of people won't be able to use though. It doesn't make sense to me when the goal is to sell as many systems as possible. Oh believe me...Microsoft won't be happy with the amount of systems they sell compared to Sony... Don't forget, when these companies make a new system they're selling ALL of them at a loss for the most part. They don't start making their money back until a couple years down the line. Xbox is gonna start at a very slow pace. Actually I think I remember reading that this time both consoles are being sold for a profit, though it's REALLY small. At least not at a loss though
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